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How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly

        "Your Nails are Reflection of Yourself"

I personally believe nails are women's best accessory that doesn't go out of fashion other than that everything does right! Agree? and also it compliments your look to the next level. 
May be because i myself being nail paint obsessed, all i notice in a lady is not how she dressed herself but how her nails are dressed. (Being Judgmental :))

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Dear friends of mine knows how much i love painting my nails and my Instagram followers might have noticed nail post many of the times and many of them asked me how i paint it so neatly.(Pro after all.. J.K)
I often paint it out of boundary but there are certain tips and tricks of painting nails so that it will make your nails look like a pro without putting so much of effort and expenses.

What you'll need?

1.Nail File
2.Petroleum jelly
4. Base-coat nail paint (Transparent nail-paint would do)
5.Colored Nail paint of your choice

Get the Parlor like manicure at home by following these simple steps!!

1.Shape your nails

Shape your nails using Nail File. Make sure you shape every nails uniformly so that it looks clean and pretty. (Round and Square are popularly used)

2.Prevent your nail area using Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly prevents skin from drying.

Evenly apply Petroleum Jelly on area around your nails using Cotton-Bud.

By using cotton-bud or cotton apply Petroleum Jelly like Vaseline on the skin around your nails first. This creates a barrier between the polish and your skin so that after you've painted your nails, you can wipe off the vaseline and any polish mistakes along with it and also it helps your skin from drying due to nail paints.

3.Base Coat

Base-Coat helps nail paint last longer.

Always apply Base coat before applying any colored nail paint because 

   *It will extend the life of your manicure.
   *It gives the polish an even surface to adhere to.
   *It will prevent dark colors from staining your nails after removing nail paints. (It prevents nails from looking yellow afterwards)

It's very important to invest on one Base Coat nail paint because it can be used every time you think of painting your nails. But if you don't have base coat with you for emergency purpose you can substitute it with applying Transparent nail paint and it will do 60% of what Base Coat does.

Let the base coat dry completely and then proceed to step 4.

4.Color your Nails

Apply the color nail paint of your choice. 

There are tricks to apply, follow me;

 -Cover the nail in three strokes
     1. Always begin from the center line, don't forget to brush it in upward direction.
     2. Paint it upward in left or right corner.
     3. Paint it in the remaining corner on the same upward direction.

How to apply nail paint.

How to apply nail paint.

How to apply nail paint.

For better understanding i have doodled it how to paint the nail paint right, i hope it helps :)

Follow the steps now;

How to paint Nails perfectly.



    -Apply polish starting at the bed of the nail, pulling the brush up.
    -Go for thinner texture at the beginning and later go for double or triple coating depending on how dark or bright color you want. 
    -Make your nail paint dry faster by soaking it in ice water after painting them or Spray non stick cooking spray on your nails to help dry it faster.

5.Top Coat

It is as important to apply the top coat as Base coat are..
Let the nail paint dry completely and once done apply Top Coat or Transparent nail paint to make it look more clean and attractive and also to make it stay for a longer period.

6.Clean the excess color

Dip your ear-bud or angled brush in polish remover and trace the edges of your cuticle to remove excess color.

And you are done!! Salon like manicure at home :) 

So what are you waiting for, follow the simple steps mentioned above and start painting your nails because plains are so boring ;) 

Personal advice: Invest on good nail polishes though they might be lil expensive but they are worth it, If you are running out of budget Maybelline ColorShow nailpaints are your must haves....

I hope this post helps many of you specially beginners, let me know if you have anything to share or any suggestions in the comment below or contact me via other social media sites Facebook , Instagram , Twitter

until my next post Muah bye :)
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