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How To Have Longer Lasting Lipstick.

Here’s how to keep your lips looking great all day, so you don't have to re-apply your lipstick throughout the day.

Many says and I believe it depends on the Lipstick quality whether it last long on your lips or not.  But girls it is not the whole truth, Though the quality of lipstick really matters alot but sometimes even if we apply the same lipstick among the friend circle but still there comes a difference in longevity of lipstick. My friends  often ask me how do I manage to last the lipstick for longer period and having told them few steps for lipstick to last longer I am amazed myself after seeing  the result on them. A girl who has to reapply lipstick every two hours didn’t even had to retouch for more than four/five hours even after she uses the same lipstick she used to apply before. Isn’t it cool?

These are the quick and easy tips for lipstick to last longer than ever, it might need an extra effort but your lil effort is really worth it.. Try it once and see!! J

To begin with, these are the products i use to create a longer lasting lipstick. You can use lipstick, liner, balm, brush and powder of your choice:

1. Moisturize your lips before going to bed:  

Before going to bed it’s very important to apply balm to your lips because when we sleep we don’t intake any fluids and that might lead to dryness of lips and because of that when you wake up your lips feel rough and dry. So if the base is not clear its obvious what ever you apply on it wont stay for long and it looks so untidy.. So in vest on a good balm, I would recommend you guys to use the Body shop balm its on reasonable price and the products works really well. If you are looking for cheaper ones or if you don’t find any good balm the best option available is Vaseline it contains Petroleum Jelly which will keep your lips fresh, plump, juicy and even protect your lips from drying. 

2.  Clear the base:
                               Lips exfoliating scrub!!          Moisturizer and damp tooth brush!!                          
So you wake up with a fresh plump lips because you moisturized it the other night, So what next??  While washing your face see if your lips is still rough or not, if so gently use a lip exfoliating scrub or if you don’t have one gently massage with a good moisturizer and lightly scrub away the top surface of your lips with a damp toothbrush to get rid of dull and dry skin cells.

3.Balm to the rescue:

Once your lips is dry apply your favorite lip balm very lightly just so to make a perfect clear base, go for a wax like texture so that your lipstick stays longer if you don’t have one simply use your lip balm lightly and press a thin tissue in between your lips or over your lips so it takes away the excess oil from your lips. If you have lip primer you can use that instead of using balm in this step, but I prefer balm.

4.Draw with liner:
Define your lips with liner

create a base color with liner.

This step is really important. It’s always good to start with a liner to define the line of your lips and fill in lightly so as it will let your lipstick color stays for longer period and also it will make you look whole day as there is less chances of dissolving your lipstick. But there are many girls who don’t prefer using liner if you are one of them it’s  ok you can skip it. But yah doing so will give a better result.

5. Main girl:

So with the same or similar shade of lipstick start applying it around the lips till the border you drew earlier. If you know lipsticks won’t stick your lips for long try applying more of Matte texture rather than gloss because the glossy ones are easy to smudge and are more likely to fade on your lips. Even if you are using the gloss lipstick you can blot the juicy like texture with a tissue.

6. Tissue and Powder:

Take a thinnest tissue and place it on your lips and with the use of blush brush  dust a translucent powder like Make Up For Ever HD Powder over the lips, through the tissue. If you don’t have one you can even try with a simple powder preferably Johnsons baby powder.  This sets the color, without depositing a layer of powder.

7. Reapply the lipstick:

Reapply the lipstick gently; Adding a second layer of lipstick after blotting increases the pigment concentration relative to the creamy ingredients that are the enemies of lipstick longevity.

Now Smile you are all set to go J

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear a feedback or comments if you have tried this or have any queries, Always happy to help :) 
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

'THE HAIR TALK' : My daily HairCare routine and more!!

Hi friends,
I am back finally!! I had a hectic month of May, Final exams followed by Entrance Exams and My Thesis submissions. So till i get my results i am super free like a Free Bird (Expect more blog post) and If you have been following me on Instagram you'll know I purchased Nikon Cool Pix L340 which is super easy to use and is giving a very good picture quality. I am officially using the camera for the first time for this blog post. (*excited*)

Tenzing Nima (

From the moment i started my blog many of you have asked me about my Hair Care Routine and DIY coloring but I was waiting for a right moment to do this and thus expect this Post a lil detail.

Since November 2014 I didn’t had a cut and even that time it was just a Damaged Hair and a Tip cut a little trim here and there without touching the length and so this length in general has been growing since my second year of graduation (2012). In between all these years I have been coloring my hair very often as you can see the ombre color on the length of my hair were once a colored roots.  I was once very obsessed with the Honey Blonde color from the Streax Hair Color range and I do apply it whenever I feel the color is going lighter. It was in Jan this year I applied Red Hair color and since then with no proper care, my hair started to feel so rough, dry and became unmanageable. But thankfully I have been working on it lately and thus it’s showing a better result.

HairCare Routine

HairCare Routine

These are my daily HairCare dos and don't :

1.       I often change my shampoo and conditioner may be in a month or two or till I finishes my bottle.

2.       I shampoo and condition my hair every alternate days and If required in between I just rinse my hair and directly apply Conditioner without using shampoo because shampooing continuously makes hair very dry.

3.       Oiling is a must, I champi my hair with oil twice a week and I do oiling an hour before I go for wash, you can even leave it over night for better result and wash it next morning. Doing so will result to softer and helps your damage hair to heal and also helps for the hair growth.

4.       Shampoo and condition the right way. Shampoo are for roots and conditioner for the tips.

5.       Once I come out of shower I wrap my wet hair with towel and let the towel suck in more than half amount of water present on my hair. Doing so it will make you easier to blowdry later or also If you rub your hair in complete wet situation with towel than there is the possibility of getting a split ends. This method ( wrapping with the towel for approx 15-20 mins) helped me to stop growing the split ends.

6.       Once the water are mostly sucked in I detangle my hair with my fingers followed by combing it with wide tooth comb.

7.       If required I use Hair cream or Hair serum. ( last time I have used the streax hair serum and it was good) but its been more than a month I didn’t apply any hair cream or serum.

8.       I blowdry only when in hurry, otherwise I prefer Air dry.

So these are the little something I do to my hair daily, they might look quite common but trust me these are the only means for healthy hair apart from eating right.

My HairCare Routine

 I tried answering few of   FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding my Hair.

Q1. How do you manage to style long Hair in this weather?
I know my hair is not too long to be unmanageable but still considering the trends these days its long enough.. haha J Jokes apart, I sometime feels so frustrate by my hair length in such heat and more over tieing my hair or doing the up knot makes me feel so heavy and often leads to head ache. So I prefer doing the simple braids or secure my hair with holder if required otherwise I prefer keeping it loose or untied hair. (Simpler the better)

Q2. How to Shampoo and Condition the right way?
So this is one of the most important thing I consider in my hair care routine. We have been shampooing and conditioning our hair all these years but did you ever notice whether you are doing it right or wrong? Doing it wrong way result to as problem like dandruff, dryness etc.
To begin with:
·         Take a coin size amount of shampoo for average hair length and apply it on the wet hair, begin it from the roots. Keep adding water as required to create good amount of foam and simply massage from roots to hair lengths for like 1-2 mins.
·         Rinse them off until you feel it’s completely clear.
·         Apply a coin size amount of conditioner to the length of your hair (below your shoulder, for short hair below your ears). Do not apply it on the roots of hair, It might create dandruff and dryness to your roots. Simply apply to the length and and tips because as your hair grows the required vitamins and nutrients are not able to reach to the complete ends so they need proper care.
·         Do not roll your hair for a top knot without rinsing off the conditioner because it will again touch the scalp.
·         Massage the Hair ends and tips softly and rinse it off when you feel it’s enough.
·         Make sure you rinse them off completely clear.

Q3. How often do we need to wash our hair?
There’s no exact or specific days mentioned anywhere but after so much of experience and studies I have felt that washing them every alternate days gives the best result.

Q4. Does coloring damage hair?
No not at all. But you need to take proper care after coloring otherwise it will damage your hair. Proper care in the sense applying Hair serum and not exposing it directly in sun for too long etc.

Q5. How to bring shine to my hair? It’s too dry.
What appears outside is what you are inside, Follow a proper diet. Nutrition plays a key role in hair growth and good nutrition radiates on our hair and skin. The nutrients which we eat help to fortify the hair follicles and the scalp. A balanced diet rich in proteins are highly recommended for healthy hair.

Below mentioned are some of the key points to better and healthier hair:

1.       USE HEAT PROTECTANT : It’s very important to use heat protectant spray or cream before using any heat on your hair without which you will burn your hair.

2.       EAT RIGHT : Always follow a proper diet and Smoking is Big No No.

3.       CHAMPI : Oiling your hair is very important specially before wash and giving it a lil massage wont hurt.

4.       TRIM TRIM : Trim the ends every month or once in two months for healthier and faster growing hair. Cut them the so called ‘spilt ends’ they are good for nothing.

CURRENTLY USING TRESEMME HAIR SPA REJUVENATION SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: They are working very well for my hair and so i decided to stick with it for one more month.

Tresemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation shampoo and conditioner

My favorite wide tooth comb. It's from Forever21.

Forever21 Wide tooth comb

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