Sunday, 26 October 2014

How to shop Make-Up at it's best


1.Know the difference between NEEDS and WANTS?
If you listen to your WANTS you will sink!!!

 You Should know what do you need or else you will end up buying a-lot if you follow your want instinct and many of them will remain un-used later. Suppose you have eye liner but you want to buy the same type of eye liner of different brand, in such case there will be a clash of particular product instead if you really wanna try, pin it to your Next buy list and get it once the particular product gets over. In this case you will save your money in a best possible way.
Now since you know what you really need, it's easier for you to shop.


Have some knowledge about the products you want to buy as it will make you easier to choose a product and also if you have extra knowledge to compare different brands for the same range of product that will be better and brings you many options and choices.

Good Internet connection is all you need!!

Type in the product name you want to buy and add review on it and with no doubt there will be many reviews on the same products by various Beauty Bloggers. Read and Relate!!


I am sure there will be infinite questions running on to your veins and brains for the expensive product you will be purchasing. In such situation BEAUTY BLOGGERS are your new Best Friend, Get in touch with them through various Social Media site and share your doubts, I am 99.9% sure that Beauty Bloggers love discussing about makeup products and they will surely find a solution for you with various extra experience. So feel free and ask, It's why we are here for!!

Examine well!!

Now that you have decided which product to buy examine that product by using it yourself from the tester piece from a store counter or feel free to ask your friend if she have that. By doing that it will give you a confidence to buy the product of your choice with no guilt.

6.Shop Online
Shop online!!

Usually Makeup products are expensive and even if it is not there's nothing wrong in getting it in discounted price :) So yes various ONLINE shopping sites like (flipkart, jabong, nykaa) provide discount on many products.
Enjoy the Benefits of womanhood and play around with Makeup, There's nothing wrong in wearing MAKE-UP..
until next time..
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick POW4 Review


Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 really made me feel it that way (Pink lips and so much of attitude)

Pink is OURs!! Am i right Girls??????? I can hear so many Yeses.... :)

I was never a pink lipstick fan until i met this gorgeous POW4 from the Maybelline Pink Alert range. It was a Love at First side with POW4, i remember going out with my friends to a drug store to buy something else and suddenly i saw this cute pink packaging and from that moment only i decided that i will get it soon and here it is in my hand.... tah dah.........
If you see my makeup box you'll realize how fond i am of LIPSTICKs but the problem is i never try different shades like Pink,Purple,Brown,Nude. Mostly you will see me wearing shades like Red, Rose red, Blood red, Orange red, Orange and alike but this time i came out of the box and tried a Pink shade and thank fully this PINK is what i have always wanted to try.

Product Description

• Amp up your lips in the hottest pink
• In 4 bright pink shades

• Passionate Pink color only from our vivid color pigments.
• Creamier feel onl
y from our nourishing honey nectar


Actual MRP: 425 INR
For Best Deal Shop Online- Snap DealAmazonjabong...


Maybelline Pink Alert POW4

  • As mentioned above the Pink packaging of this lipstick caught my eye instantly. It comes in a plain Pretty Baby Pink Cap cover with a plastic wrapped written "Pink Alert" (i wish it was written Pink Alert on the cap instead of wrapper).
  • It has a sticker at the bottom of the lipstick with the shade name and code.
  • The Metal cover that holds lipstick is just WoW because there will be some days that i forget to carry my mirror. So in that case this metal cover is a life saver because i can see my lips clearly over there.
  • The Best thing about the exterior details of Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 is that the cap shuts tightly and there's no need to worry thinking that it might start drawing in your makeup bag :)


Maybelline Pink Alert POW4
Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 is a Bright coral neon pink shade.

Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 swatches


Neon pop out :)
  • If you like something in bright and neon, with no doubt this shade is meant for you.
  • This shade is more preferable to those with light and fair skin tone or for those with fair to medium skin tone. ( I personally feel that we shouldn't always choose the colors that suits, sometime its good to try something new)


  • The texture of this lipstick is really soft and smooth and you can apply it directly without using any balm.
  • It is quite hydrating.
  • As you apply you'll feel like it's giving you a glossy look but after few mins it will settle to as a semi matte finish.


Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 lipstick in sunlight

-With 1 swipe alone you will see a clear covered lips with no pigmentation.

-If you want very Bright Pink than give it a 2-3 swipes otherwise 1 swipe is more than enough to make your lips look colored and it will also cover pigmentation well.


-The lipstick stays for 4-5 hours without any doubt but if you happen to have heavy meal in between only then you'll have to reapply otherwise for about 4-5 hours you don't have to worry.

Tips and Tricks to Apply

-Before applying this lipstick one has to make sure that her lips is well exfoliated or its smooth and clean otherwise if you apply it on rough lips it will create a very visible dirty lines in between your lips which i am 100% sure that none of us wants to make it look that way.

-When reapplying the lipstick after Meal make sure you first clean away the earlier remaining lipstick or else you will face same problem as above.

-In order to get bright pink lips dont over-apply the lipstick. 2 swipes are more than enough, the over-applying of this lipstick will make your lips feel heavy and greasy.

-If you like to make your lips look matte, Press a tissue paper in between your lips and pull it off after 3 seconds.

How to turn glossy lipstick into Matte


-Coral neon Pink shade that suits every occasion.
-Smooth texture and easy to apply. 
-Doesnt create lines
-Well pigmented.
-4-5 hrs of lasting.
-Semi Matte finish.
-Suits majority of skin tone.
-The Cap Cover is super tight.
-Pocket Friendly.


-Compared to other lipstick it is quite difficult while putting off the lipstick.(it will need extra effort because of its greasy effect)

-Excess Layering is a Big NO..

My Final Say: Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 is a really girly coral pink shade which also gives a neon pop out color. So if you love something in bright and neon this shade is exactly the one without wondering about your skin tone because one has to make it's own style statement coming OUT OF THE BOX....

If you are reading this and if you love Lipstick this is that one shade of lipstick every girl should own because it suits almost all skin tone and brighten your face.
Feel Free to ask me if any doubt!!!

Some more Pictures and Hell lot of FuN :)

Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 lipstick in room light

Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 lipstick in sunlight..

Maybelline Pink Alert POW4 on bright skin.
Best Pink Lipstick.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review: L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Faux Cils


I was never a MASCARA girl until i realized that eyelash plays the most important part in turning a girl into lady and make her look pretty and elegant..
It was during my Print Shoot with Images Bazaar, The MUA was nicely doing makeup on my face and suddenly she went crazy when she found out that my EYELASHES are way too short and invisible... since it was a corporate shoot she didn't use liner instead she kept the eye plain with double coat of MASCARA before that i don't step out without applying eye liner and the very next moment i did whole shoot with only mascara on my eyes NO LINER... But the moment i saw myself on mirror i went WOW crazy because my eyes were looking more fresh and attractive and since then I have been applying mascara continuously with or without liner.


I have been using this Mascara for more than a month now and i am liking it so much. This is the first ever mascara that helps my invisible eyelash look fuller and gave me confidence to walk out with just a coat of mascara without relying much on Liner.
This mascara is said to be a fiber voluminizing mascara, the lash sculpting fiber formula adheres to lashes for a volumized, sculpted lash effects. Lash appears fuller, longer, sculpted and curled at all angle. My lashes have found their new Best Friend :)


Add caption
Yes, the look of the product attracts me to try out new things now and then and its obvious i choose those with lovely packaging and this mascara is one of a kind. ( I AM SUCKER FOR NICE PACKAGING). It's body is Geometrical shaped covered in golden color which has minimal words written on it.


It's brush is very short compared to other mascara brushes but the good thing about this brush is that it is easily applicable.The brush itself is slightly bent and it covers the entire lash line, it is convenient to use it on the lower lash line as well.


If you like wet formulations i wouldn't suggest you this mascara because this mascara is dry and thick even from a very first day. I prefer dry formulation, this mascara is dry to begin with and dries quickly too. Double coating is more than enough to get the look excess of which you will end up looking like a doll with heavy eye.


                                SEE THE TRANSFORMATION!!!

Without applying L'oreal voluminous False Lashes Faux Cils

Applied the L'oreal Voluminous False Lashes Faux Cils

and this is how it looks like with the L'Oreal voluminous Mascara on.


-Attractive Packaging.
-Dry Formula.

-Short Brush.
-Voluminizes the lashes very nicely.
-Comfortable on my eye.


-Hardly available in normal drugstore in INDIA.

-Applicator or the wand is very long and can be difficult to work with at first.
-Not layer-able.


                          HAVE YOU TRIED THIS PRODUCT? LET ME KNOW :)

Saturday, 4 October 2014


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I am so glad and honored to be nominated for LIEBSTER AWARD. 
Thanks Be Like a Lady all credits to you!! 
I have never thought blogging would be so much fun though hectic and also i am enjoying the company of many other blogger friends who are equally social media enthusiast like me and sharing so much things in common makes this platform more fun and exciting.. 
As other blogging Awards we are supposed to announce the eleven bloggers who are chosen by us to expand this chain sorry i have less. In addition answering the questions:

I was asked:
Do you prefer casual outfit or Fancy one?
Coffee or tea?
Why did you start your blog?
Because i want to share whatever i know about beauty products, skin care, fashion etc and also to expand my limited knowledge about the same
What is your future plan for your blog?
Next year i will be buying my own domain name
Your three inspirational icons? Bloggers? Doctors? Parents? say three people?
1.My family- for always supporting me.
2. Scherezade Shroff for fun or motivating videos she makes which inspired me to start my own blog.
3.Miss Malini a women to look up to specifically when it comes to blogging.
Samsung or iphone?
Though i am using sony Xperia if given a choice i would say iphone
Your all time favorite music track?
Those Sweet Words by Norah Jones
what is the main part of your makeup to work on?
three favorite makeup brands?
Maybelline, elf and Revlon
Three clothing brands?
Zara, forever21 and VeroModa
your favorite place for shopping?
Pacific Mall (Delhi)

The nominated blogs are:

The questions are:
lipstick or balm?
who is your favorite blogger?
who is your favorite vlogger?
life without internet would be?
Delhi or Mumbai?
Mall shopping or Street shopping?
what inspired you to start blogging?
favorite makeup brand?
celebrity crush?
How do you find me and my blog?