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The #TwiceAsNice Activity / Garnier Pure Active FaceWash and Scrub Reviews and Details in Collaboration with SindhuJP

This post is something we should be very thankful to Garnier India for giving us a chance to do the #TwiceAsNice activity and what better way than this platform to share about our friendship journey.
Who would have thought A South Indian Girl and A Tibetan Girl from North India  who has nothing in common and there was no way they could be friends until they met through the Social media platforms and thus as of now they are really close friends and the friendship of two makes it -  #TwiceAsNice

I in collaboration with SindhuJP from for the Garnier #TwiceAsNice campaign.

1. How did we meet?
Nima: It was in the late afternoon in June 2014 when I got a notification on my Instagram account saying Sindhujp started following you. After seeing her account filled with makeup and blog post related uploads it made me feel like we are so much alike and so I followed her back. I was so new to Blog that time and after checking her post on sharing her experience of getting own Domain it further interested me to connect with her. On a fine day I Direct Message (DM) her on Instagram asking her about ideas on getting a domain for a blog and she was too kind for responding me so quickly and giving me all the information regarding the subject and since then we have been really close.
Sindhu : My blog was new and I was trying to make as many connections as possible through Instagram. I saw this one user “doubletabbynima” actively commenting on many posts. I just thought of checking her profile. She was already a super star with 1000s of followers J Her Instagram feeds were so cool to look at and I immediately followed her without a second thought. As she said, our journey started with that DM she sent. Then we became friends in Facebook (thanks to Mark). One led to other, we did a lebster award post together and here we are with our second collaboration hoping for more collab in the future.

2. What we like about each other?
Nima: Her kind gesture of helping others with whatever she can is the best thing about her.
Sindhu: Her positivity. She spreads good positive vibes in the social media. I never seen her posting anything negative and she truly appreciates everyone’s efforts without fail.

3. What we learned from each other?
Nima: A lot!!!!! From technical blog related stuffs to taking care of a dog and all in between.
Sindhu : A lot more ;) From how to take cool photos to Dalai Lama and all in between.

4. What inspires us?
Nima: Her regular blog post inspires me to be more active and to do more post for Blog which I feel I am lacking behind but trust me guys with all the college submissions and sessionals its too pack for me but whenever possible I will try do my best by killing my laziness.
Sindhu : Yes I do blog regularly but the quality blogging Nima does is impeccable. Even though her numbers of posts are less, she already collaborated with great brands. The effort she puts in each blog post is what inspires me.

5. What we want the other to improve on?
Nima: Hmmm still thinking! You are doing great job with your blog but if you could make it more active on other social media sites like sharing about the Blog post on Instagram, twitter, facebook and more. Doing so will give your blog more readers and it will connect you with people who might not know you personally but love your work.
Sindhu : You already have huge followers in social media. Just increase the frequency of blogging (I know you are trying) and you can reach heights. Also, include few posts related to hair care and hairstyles because I love your hair J

6. Why meeting each was a good thing? And how its #TwiceAsNice?
Nima: Meeting her is a blessing I believe as I have learned a lot from her. From how to apply deepika padukone like make up to How to be more professional with the Blog I learned it all from her. We have each others hand whenever needed and thus the combo of two makes it all TwiceAsNice.
Sindhu : We have so much differences in terms of language, culture and location. But blogging brought us together. When we talk about our blogs, none of those differences come in between. Meeting her made me to see the common good things beyond the differences. Not only that, I learned from her how to appreciate others work, why it is important for a blogger to be socially active and how to experiment with different styles. We are two extremes but we never hesitated to help each and that is why our combo is TwiceAsNice.

Speaking of TwiceAsNice, we have something cool to introduce to your guys. Our skin care regime is never complete with only a face wash or a scrub. For maximum results we need both. Face wash to clean all the accumulated dirt and scrub to eliminate the dead cells. Let’s see how Garnier’s all new face wash and scrub helps to get the desired skin we want!!


Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash
The face wash contains real neem extract and it's dermatologically tested. The presence of tea tree oil along with the neem extract helps prevent pimples. The face wash is light green in color with a runny consistency.

Garnier PureActive Apricot Face Scrub

The scrub contains real apricot extract and it is suitable for all skin types. It is creamy in texture with the exfoliating powder/particles derived from apricot seeds embedded on it.

Packaging: Both the scrub and the face wash come in a tube packaging with a cap. The tube is sealed which you need to open before using. The packaging is perfectly travel friendly.

Price: Face wash – INR 90/- Scrub – INR 115/-

Garnier Pure Active Scrub
Garnier Pure Active Face Wash

Sindhu Says:-
The face wash has a soothing fragrance which I really liked. It lathers well and clears off dirt and excess oil effectively. The tea tree oil refreshes the skin with a cooling effect. It is a perfect face wash for summer. It controls oil secretion to an extent. It dries out the area near my mouth a bit but it can be compensated by a moisturizer.
By seeing the consistency of the scrub, I thought it is too creamy and cannot give the exfoliation I need. But I was completely wrong. Even though the texture is creamy, it exfoliates well. It could be a bit harsh on sensitive skin and definitely not for daily use. It reduces visible black heads in the first use itself which is impressive. It does give a fresh and smooth skin.
Overall I am happy with this combo. My oily skin just loves it and it perfect for this summer.

Nima Says:-
I have this thing for changing my toiletries brands time and again (I am still figuring why) lol but yah this has been my habit and I am loving it may be because I am greedy enough for wanting to try all that I see!!
Coming back to the point, the Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash was so dear to my skin. Having an acne prone skin I am very particular about the products I use. The facewash’s  fresh neem like smell attracted me the most and after checking out the ingredient details it put me forward to try. It’s in a gel form and it lathers well. It cleans of dust and extract oil in a wash and leaves your skin feeling cool.
As written on the product It is helping me well in clearing my pimples but I am yet to figure out whether it’s really helping me in lightening the marks as pimples and acne scar takes long time to heal. But I am really hoping.
To be honest I stopped using scrub after figuring out scrubs shouldn’t be used while having pimples and acnes and started replacing it with a Blackhead removing tape for the nose area. But yah this scrub proofed me wrong. As soon as I got the sample I tried and was so surprised by the result it gave. It exfoliate the skin so well and kept my skin glowing afterwards. I tried not to rub around the area I was having acne instead i applied a creamy layer from scrub to that area. It really worked well.
It gives best result when used alternate days or keeping a two days gap. And it is my advice to massage gently while using the scrub. Be Soft J
Overall I must say the Combination of two is truly #TwiceAsNice as one exfoliates so well following the other by keeping your skin feels so cool and yah you’ll glow that’s for sure!! A must try!!

Thanks for reading!!
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Saturday, 11 April 2015


So finally the contest of the book 'Who,Me?' has come to an end.
I am so glad to see such a great participation from you all and it indeed gave us tough time to select the winners because all your views on ' DOES EXTERNAL BEAUTY MATTERS IN THE WORLD OF LOVE?' were really good but as decided earlier there shall be only one winner from either a blog or facebook page and two winners from my Instagram account.
And the winners are :
From Blog and Facebook page the winner is
Poonam Pait who commented on the blog post and she wrote
"Hello nima, 
The question, 'does external beauty matters in the world of love?' is a complicated line as every individual has its own choice of love interest. Well at least from the men side 80% they get attracted because of the external beauty but it's a short term attraction for many as now men do look beyond beauty too. In today's generation women are not only beautiful outside but they are intellectual, smart, highly qualified to match up any men in any platform. 
So according to me external beauty is nothing but a short period of infatuation, which will die down with time, but admiration of a person's nature to take care of everything and handle every situation with ease will be there forever. 
Hope I did made some sense here. 

From the Instagram we have selected two winners and they are :
1. (@indulkar_richa) who wrote ("The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul"-Audrey Hepburn. According to me external beauty does not matter in the world of love because if a relationship is based upon looks of the outer appearance it does not last long. An outer appearance will last a few decades but what after that? whereas the inner beauty will last forever. After all, no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.)
2. (@piscean_kc) who wrote "Inner beauty is more important than external one in the matter of love because love will grow along with the time with inner beauty whereas external beauty lives up only for the time being."
Congrats to all of you :)
Those who didn't won this time don't worry, I have more Giveaways in queue. So stay tuned for more!! INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK/ TWITTER 


Thursday, 2 April 2015

KRONOKARE Provencal Lavender Range : Review and more

Kronokare is a young dynamic brand, not only in terms of its products, but in itself too. The products are Paraben and SLS Free. They are currently dealing in bath and body products (Shampoos, Conditioners, Shower gels, Soap bars, Lotions and Hair Massage oils). The products are environmental friendly, never tested on animals and come in cute quirky packaging.

If you have been following me on INSTAGRAM you might have seen the products that Kronokare sent me to try. The box contains Provencal Lavender Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and a Soap. It's been more than two weeks that i have been using these products and the reviews below are all fact and are of my own.


Provencal Lavender Shampoo- INR325 /- for 220 ml; Provencal Lavender Conditioner- INR345 /- for 220ml

After heavy coloring and bleaching my hair has reached the worst level though i tried hair spa treatment it only helped temporarily. I was much wanting to have my natural hair back and for that i have been trying different shampoo and conditioner and thankfully i came across a product that not only repair my hair but also it helps my hair to grow healthier and faster.
It's not other than Kronokare's Shampoo and conditioner from the lavender range.
-I noticed the effects of shampoo amd conditioner on my hair the first use itself and since then i have been trying to understand its effectiveness.
-The best thing is, their products being PARABEN amd SLS FREE it helps causing damage to hair, it helps your hair color from fading and yes it repairs the damage hair.
-I apply the shampoo from the roots to tips and make shre i massage the roots and scalp area gently. Followed with the conditioner from the same range i apply it gently through the tips of the hair below shoulder length and keep it for 2-3 mins and rinse.
-Truth to be told I am in love with my own hair fragrance after shower.
- I even tried this on my mom's hair and the result was amazing thus This shampoo and conditioner suits all hair types.

Provencal Lavender Shower Gel- INR105 /- for 60 ml; Provencal Lavender Body Lotion – INR115 /- for 60 ml
The shower gel comes in a gel form and Body Lotion appears to be in a milk like form. The combination of two makes me smell like something yum yum (smile) .
-Three or Four Drops of shower gel on to the loofah are more than enough to form lather.
-Unlike other shower gels the one from kronokare is much easier to rinse off, it leaves your skin completely moisturised and cool and no doubt you will smell fresh.
- Once done continue it with Body Lotion from the same range, This Body Lotion contains right amount of oil and moisurises very well. As said using both of these products from the same range makes you smell fresh.

Provencal Lavender Glycerine Soap – INR85/- for 50gm
If you are a soap person you shouldn't miss this one. A slab of glycerine leaves your skin fresh and smooth. It also moisturise your skin and helps from dryness. Unlike other soaps that becomes soft or form loose liquid like texture if left wet, this soap stays as solid as it is. Trust me you don't have to purchase this anytime soon becasue it last superlong.

You can order their products online from their website or from Flipkart as well. Also, you can visit Lola’s World in Hauz Khaz Village, Delhi.


TBH, It is among those products that i would recommend to others proudly and moreover their products being PARABEN and SLS free, what better than this one could ask for. The kronokare products are very travel friendly, it can be easily carried with you wherever you travel. Their packaging are the plus points. If you have tried any of these products or if you have any queries regarding these please let me know.

Much Love
Tenzing Nima