Sunday, 29 June 2014

REVLON ColorBurst Lacquer Balm Review

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm

This is so far one of the best (lip) product from REVLON that I am aware of. I got introduced to this product through my BFF, wonder How??? My IG friends might have seen the Gifts that my BFF sent me recently and this particular lacquer balm was one among them(thanks Bestie) :)

So being introduced to this product I googled it's reviews, watched videos on YouTube and I found sherry's review on the very product.sherry is a YouTube sensation diva , Do check her on YouTube: and this what inspired me more to blog it here today on the lacquer balm

REVLON ColorBurst Lacquer Balm offers high shine with balm-like moisture.There are ten shades in total.The formula is supposed to have “high shine with balm-like moisture.” They are twist-up jumbo-sized crayon so there is no need of sharpening it.The packaging of the product attracts me the most. They have a moderate level of shine, and they feel like a lighter-weight lip balm. While applying this you will feel mint scent and slight mint flavor which makes you feel fresh.


I am having this particular shade as of now, it is lovely pink color. what differ this color with rest of the pink shade is that this pink is a bold elegant pink which can be applied even when you go to office or college usually the pink color is considered to be something funky and doesn't suit with the formal look but with 120vivacious you can wear pink on lips that too looking elegant and suits your formal look.


- Apply it directly on your clear lips like you are painting with a crayon :)

can you see the difference in me after applying the lacquer balm??


-Suits all skin color.

-It has a long stay power (5-6 hrs).

-It doesn't dry and doesn't breakout in between.

-Balm like feeling with lipstick texture.

-Comfortable and light feel.

-It gives you a unique look.

-Mint scent and mint flavour which freshen your mouth.

-Packaging is so pretty and attractive.


-800INR -8$ approx

Where to buy??

You can buy it from any drugstore, if you are in India Lifestyle is a good option. You can also order it online from nykaa. So go grab it :)

To Conclude,lips being one of the most important and visible part of your face has to be taken care now and then. And also while buying the products one has to check all the ingredient details and make sure that you aren't holding the duplicate product while paying the original amount. So check well before buying.

RATE- 5/5

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Friday, 27 June 2014

7 Common False We Do To Our SKIN

(image take from Google)

Everyone of us wish for clean, flawless-glowing skin and most of us are aware of the ways and means to make it possible but can't help laziness and habits that we get dragged on to some unhealthy and not so nutritious stuffs which results to not so wanting acne, unclear skin.The problem with skin is not only with girls/women but it is also with boys/men. With a hope that being aware of the false that we do to our skin, all of us avoiding these mistakes can make it to awesome clear glowing skin

To begin with my own experience, I was born with blessed white glowing skin but as I grew up my skin started becoming more prone to acne and sensitive enough to get red as I step out the house and than I realised it is not only the hormone changes that is doing such but also some unaware and easy going bad habits that is making my skin dull and unattractive.The below shared points are based on what I experienced from my bad skin days and I saw these few as the common False most of us make.


Overwashing our face will not make our skin glow more instead it over-dry our skin and make it more prone to dust and clog pores easily. Washing face daily twice early morning and before bed is a must but after workout or if you are sweating a water flush can be done.


Washing face with wrong cleanser is one of the main reason behind causing damage to our skin. As we differ from each other our skin tone is also different,(oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin etc). One should use cleanser or a face wash which is suitable to your own skin not referring to what your favourite actor is recommending or advertising.


Don't you hate your blackheads? Scrubbing is good method but overdoing or not having a basic Idea on how to scrub will make our problem worse.Scrub is recommended only once a week, not daily because too much exfoliation will irritate our skin. save your scrubs as a once-weekly treat to shed those damaged cells. And if you have acne it's a Big No No... Don't use scrub on a acne prone area, it will be the biggest mistake you will be making if your does.


This is the most common mistake all of us make. Pimples are very irritating they will make you desperate enough to scratch it and shout uggggh but popping out the scar is Strictly prohibited. If we do so it ups the chance of scars and spreads bacteria.DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO DO THAT, PLEASE DON'T


This is specially for girls,To Use right amount of makeup with right product is helpful but excess use of it will damage your skin. Excess use of makeup will make you look horrible at a first glance and more over it damages your skin from the depth and clog pores and leave your skin unclean at the end.


It is very important to wash off your face before going to bed, Almost all of us made this mistake once But it can ruin your complexion for weeks, makeup clogs your pores, so as to let our skin to feel relaxed and so your skin can able to breathe the air in and out properly it is important to put off the makeup.And don't forget to take off your eye makeup too, leaving it on could cause infection or irritation.


Sleeping is good for our health as well as for our skin. 6 to 8hrs of sleep with not putting stress to your mind is highly recommended if not than the result can be clearly seen on your under-Eye the next day. 'Early to bed and Early to rise' is the best therapy.

To conclude, I had gone through my very bad skin days but knowing these false I could able to progress on to my skin, Even though my acne scars are still visible vaguely but it is way too much better comparing to the older days, I am still working on to it...I hope this post will be helpful for you too in order to protect your skin from becoming worse. stay tune for more upcoming posts

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Basic Makeup Bag Essentials

I am a beauty junkie, but when it comes to using a makeup I like to keep it simple! I prefer wearing a simple good to go basic makeup because too much makeup doesn't suit me, (I guess people with Mongoloid features looks best when it is kept minimum) but when in some occasion if it's required than I put on right amount of required makeup in addition to the basic one.

Only in the last few years I started experimenting and trying different shades and formulas. So I am still an amateur makeup user but I am well versed with all the makeup basics that I am using since long time.Whenever one buy a makeup product specially which has to be directly applied to your skin has to be the best quality product, there are many inexpensive products having numero uno quality like Maybelline, loreal,lakme which is quite famous all over the world. Other than this expensive products are mostly of good quality but one should have full knowledge before applying or using the very product specially those girls with the sensitive skin.

I'll be discussing makeup bag essentials which is a must have for every girls. I assure you Following these are a Good to go:)


since its summer, I am applying Maybelline ClearGlow BB cream directly circulating on to my face, since it has SPF21/PA+++ I don't need to apply sunscreen, it has different shade and to suit my skin color I am using the 02radiance shade. In order to keep my face dry and normal I use Maybelline ClearGlow all in one fairness compact powder and this really helps in keeping my face dry and clear. In addition to the BBcream and compact I consider avène Eau Thermale spring water is very important for me and I carry it everywhere I go because it helps to set makeup, helps from sunburn, redness, keeps me fresh specially while travelling etc


Eyes: The most important and attractive part of our face is eyes, adding them a right amount of Kajal/liner does a magic. Past few years I have been using maybelline gel eye liner which is the best one I have seen and I recommend it to those specially with bold eyes with bold eyelids, But at a moment, to experiment something new I am using the l'oréal kajal magique which is also good. In addition to that, sometimes I use Maybelline colossal turquoise kajal to highlight the eyewings and since my eye lashes are way too short and thin I use the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara which helps my lashes to look thicker , visible and it also helps in growing my lashes darker and longer. I use dazllre eyebrow pencil to make my invisible eyebrow looks visible and thick. To highlight the gap between the eyelid and eyebrow I use Almay eyeshadow with light shades


The colorbar obsessed orange is my all time favourite, My other favourite which I got introduced recently is Maybelline coloressential 625ARE YOU RED-DY when in mood I add up Maybelline pencil 50RED on to the coloressential lipstick which helps in long-lasting lip color Sometime with too much of other colorful makeup I don't put up lipstick rather I apply fabindia plum passion lip butter and keep It simple :)


Keeping your nail clean is part of hygiene, I prefer keeping my nails short and colorful and my current favourites are Maybelline colorshow 008BoldGold and colorbar 012silverlining and sometime I add up some nailart stickers to make it more fancy

Once you are done with these you really are a good to go... You can add up simple light color blush as per your skin tone but I don't prefer as it doesn't suits me but you can try ;) Comment below or tell me directly through text or inbox which product you want to know my review about so that I can do the detail on that particular product in my next post..

Till than take care and keep showing me love!!


Sunday, 22 June 2014


I am one of the INSTAGRAMa.k.aIG addict, IG is a photography turned into instant art and it is addictive, really addictive :) It's my third year with IG and I am still looking forward to it all the way, Whenever you see me touching my phone, it is 99.9% sure that I am doing something with the instagram app, To be really honest it is the first social networking site that has a 'wow factors' thus I prove it with the following reasons to love instagram.

1.Instagram as a form of gratitudeCapturing all the moments, Be it a good day, good friend, Delicious food ofcourse, beautiful scenery, or sometime an emotion- be it happy face or a sad one....It’s a visual acknowledgement of something we appreciate and are grateful for. We take a photo with the intention of sharing how good this is making me feel or so as to share the story of the moment you are living right now happy/sad..... It's a gallery form to say Thank you God for all these memories :)

2.Best quality pictureInstagram does a magic to everyone's gallery, IG camera makes everyone looks like a real photographer, it's camera texture are so real and far more better than the phone's actual camera picture.

3.Choice of filters as mentioned earlier the IG camera captures picture so real and nice But adding up some of its filter features take the post to the next level. The basic filter IG have are Brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadow, vignette, tilt shift, Lux and various colors can be added, most popular among them are Valencia..I mostly keeps the normal color but sharpen it up a bit and brighten up :) I often use IG for editing pics even if it's not for the IG post purpose.

4.Basic features

The “Follow" feature allows me to follow users whose photography I like, my friends obviously and these past few months I have been following lots of bloggers..This is a great way to find inspiration and interact with new people.

"Privacy" it is user's wish whether you want to keep your IG profile privately or publicly. I tend to keep it in private mode usually but when I take part in some giveaway than I keep it in public mode for few days, the benefit of keeping it publicly is that anyone can see your post and like it, if it's private only your followers can see the post you uploaded not everyone can but believe me keeping it in private mode are always safe and keeps you away from the craps.

"Hashtags" This year the hashtags went so viral, the benefit of hashtag is that through the hashtag people can see your post even though the person is completely a stranger but the profile has to be public in order to make your hashtags work otherwise it's of no use... If you want more followers hashtags are the best ways... Some of the most famous hashtags are #followme #instadaily #igaddict #ootd etc...

"size of picture" the size of the IG picture is exact size used for the fb, Google+, whatsapp and many more's profile picture, you don't have to crop it further..

5.Multi-uploads when you upload a picture on IG, the same post can be shared on Facebook,Flickr,Tumblr via Instagram at the same time.

6.Online shopping These days it's all online shopping we are looking on to, Be it a clothing,book,electronic gadgets, cosmetics etc... In instagram there are many famous online shopping, some of which I am following are clothing-(Zahana chennai, princess closet), jewellery-(complete accessories), and others like (propshop, buy oriflame)etc

7.New Friends I am blessed with many good friends and few of them are whom I met on Instagram, it is the most easiest way to stay connected with friends sharing them all the activities of what you are doing now and then, I am still looking forward to make new friends :) this app shrinks the world, with users spread all over the world the IG post comes from all over the world and we get to see cultures, traditions,environment etc of different countries

in addition to the above features, it is much more safer than the other social networking sites as it don't have a download option, though it can be screenshot but it can't have the original post of yours

So I am still looking forward to follow many New creative users, you can be one of them.. Search me at- doubletapbynima


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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

fabindia CHARCOAL FACE PACK Review

It is this season of the year again when you never feel fresh because of the humidity and the never ending sweats and more over the hot air which led your skin becomes dusky, unclean and sticky... On this weather as such many of us prefer staying inside rooms but the ongoing GCM football tournament didn't let me stay, it was the busiest 11 day of my life :) I have been watching match everyday on field even in this very hot 2:00 pm kinda sun, cheering for my fav team but sadly my fav team couldn't make it to the trophy this year :( but still DFC my fav ;)

oh yah so in this very happening kinda days though I was very Much enjoying but I know I am not doing justice to my skin being burned everyday even with the sunscreen on I feel there's something missing.. So I decided to go for a fine face pack, as I went on to the fabindia store I saw this charcoal facepack, I was very surprised to see such facepack because I have set some different image when it comes to charcoal which are to be used while cooking as a fire, for engines of trains etc but when the retailer described me the details I was impressed and on that very situation I checked the reviews from different blogs.. I purchased it with a hope that it do some magic on my skin though having a fear that it might leaves my skin color totally black as like the real charcoal

As mentioned on the product's container

charcoal is known for its ability to absorb impurities. This pack containing charcoal, uses Multani mitti as its base. It absorbs sort and oil from the pores, leaving skin cleaner and healthier.

NET QUANTITY: 100ml (125g)


POSITIVE SIDE: leaves skin oil free, cleanse, instant glow, price is comparative fine, safe packaging, no need to add water, ready to use, quick dry

NEGATIVE SIDE: not suitable for dry skin, contains chemicals like SLES, Multani mitti as it base leaves skin dry after wards

Apart from the negative sides the product haves, it still do magic to my skin which makes me feel like using it many of the time.. Though it looks horrible while applying but it's fresh lemon smell makes me feel good.. It soothes and cleanse the skin immediately with the glow effects, couldn't ask for more...

To rate this product I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, .5 stars are to be added once it is made a skin dry free product :)

much love