Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Favourite products From THE BODY SHOP

THE BODY SHOP has always been my favourite brand when it comes to the body care products which has the best scent ever. Every products of THE BODY SHOP product smells heavenly and as per my personal taste my favourite was - is - and will be Strawberry forever!!!!

I was so happy getting to know that I won The body shop products from India-today (cosmopolitan magazine) and was damn on excited to receive the gifts.. Just when I got them I realised what a coincidence it is to have got THE BODY SHOP Strawberry flavoured products, It was like they were knowing my taste :) Thanks cosmo india again :)

The gift hamper contains


Before getting these gifts I have been using few other products from THE BODY SHOP and among them my favourites are Strawberry EDT and Born lippy lipbalm(strawberry)

-THE BODY SHOP Strawberry/Fraise EDT and I finished two bottles of those and I am still not over it.. The scent stays for long hour and it's not so strong which is good!!


QTY- 30ml (1.0 US TO OZ) (one can also go for more qty)

-The Strawberry BORN LIPPY (lipbalm) has also been my favourite...it keeps my lips fresh, I put it on when I don't wear my lipstick...


QTY-10ml 0.29 OZ (8.5g)

So in addition to my favourites from THE BODY SHOP, adding on my list is:


Its been few weeks since I got my hand on this body butter and ever since I have been applying it every day and I re-apply it again and again as I feels the fragrance gets lighter. As I apply the Strawberry body butter I feel my skin getting more soft and fresh and believe me you don't need any perfume or a deo if you apply this body butter but since the product is quite mild and light the fragrance don't stay that long but despite of it I am loving this product and would like to recommend this product to all those girls who loves feeling good.. And I believe Feeling good yourself at the first place will make you more confident and When she is Confident she is a BOMB


QTY-200ml 6.75 OZ (192g)

GOOD NEWS These days with the sale season on THE BODY SHOP has also very good offers going on, take the advantage of sale and jump on to its products and feel beautiful


In every BODY SHOP stores these products are available. Even if in some place THE BODY SHOP store might not be available but Recently The Body Shop was launched in The Lifestyle Stores. So I think that's one of the easiest way.

Or you can also shop online by visiting their website


Until next time, Stay tune and takecare

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Monsoon BUZZ

Yes it's official, our favourite monsoon season is here :) Its kind of taboo in our society saying that those who love rains and it's season are considered to be Romantic in nature, but trust me guys I am nill in it hence I proved this taboo completely wrong..

some of you might not like this weather but can't help, where to escape right?? Anyways here are some of the very important Monsoon Buzz/Tips/warning which I feel is important to be aware of and I will be so glad if my words can help and it is why I am here!!! TO HELP :)


Always put on your moisturiser+SPF!!! In this weather we feel that it's so cool outside with no Heat but Friends Sunlight is here+there+everywhere so always moisturiser your skin or else you will end up looking dusky and your natural skin glow and it's textures will fade eventually. So this is the most basic thing you can do to your skin!!


It is this season of the year where, LIGHTER THE MAKE-UP BETTER YOU're GONNA LOOK!!

FOUNDATION Avoid using too much foundation especially cream foundations.Use loose powder or mineralized foundation. Instead go for BB-cream or a CC-Cream which helps you to looks natural and along with that it is light and perfect when it rains.

LIPGLOSS Glosses are of complete no when it rains, Rains will wash off your lip glosses instead use water-proof lipsticks in matte finish. Even a simple lips with a touch of balm will look great, this season is all about a nude lip Do :)

BRUSHES Due to the rains the stuff inside our room will be all moistured,so in situation like this one should specially take care of their Make-up brushes because we directly use the Brush to our skin so it should be clean and well managed. keep it in a dry place safely, I would prefer keeping it in a box which have a safe cover.

SAY NO TO CREAM BLUSH Use all those powder blushes and eyeshadows because the cream blushes make you feel sticky and uncomfort and might also result to an itching due to which our face skin are more sensitive. Prefer using more natural colors in the Monsoon as you’re opting for a rain friendly natural look. Go for some natural colors like pinks, peaches and browns and it won't be a problem if they fade or wash off a little bit due to the water.


If you don't want to look like a gothic who has her eye liner scrolling down her cheeks Go for Waterproof liners and also waterproof Mascara, I am using Maybelling Gel Eyeliner + Maybelline waterproof mascara..They are good and affordable!!


When it rains the sky looks dull so in contrast you should wear colorful cloths and stand out differently, Neons are perfect for this season. Say BIG NO TO WHITE because it will be completely transparent and visible inside out if you get drenched in rain so ladies make sure of the colors and give no chance to your haters to be happy of anything :)


Flipflops are a must haves, avoid wearing leather shoes or flats because if it get wet the size will change I guess it shrinks and in some cases it gets bigger. Instead prefer for some funky flipflop as it suits with all types of cloths... BUT make sure you choose a nice flipflop which has a good grip other wise you might slip anywhere anytime!!


I know it's hard but we can atleast Try not to eat those agree foods because the bacteria and flies will get double after rain specially on the foods... It's your choice whether you want to stay hygienic or not..Because what you eat will eventually react on your skin!!

To conclude, I would like to remind you to always carry UMBRELLA in order to help you from so Much of trouble :)

OKAY then Stay Hygenic and Enjoy the Monsoon :)

Much love


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Dress-Up Specially In INDIA!!



Many of us are student or either doing job and In INDIA 90% of us study or work outside our own state, we go to bigger city in search of better exposure and better income and we travel back home when ever we get long off.To relate these with the topic, I mean to say that one should wear clothes looking to its area and environment. When in city wear as a city girl but when you go back home or in small-town wear what most of them does. You'll feel uncomfort with the city dress in the small-town area and feeling uncomfortable in your own dress is like punishing your self


Everyone of us wants to look our best, beautiful and smart but one has to have some sense about what to wear or else it might be your biggest mistake. OVER-DRESS here means in trying to looks best one put on not at all matching clothes as per your body shape, skin tone...Don't try to look something different which you are not. Enhance your self with what suits you and carry it with a Grace of women!! One should always keep in mind that -if you wear what suits you you'll look prettiest of all.


when you feel like flaunting your body skin, just do it but do it right ... In search of looking Hot and Sexy don't expose yourself too much, it might lead to some negative way out and makes you look something very awful!! To help you with some example- If you are planning to wear mini skirt-pair it with a full sleeves cool summer shirt,it will make more focus on your legs instead of choosing inner length tee because it will expose you so much and might turn into negativity, vice-versa if you are going for some inner upper wear or tube tee pair it up with a skinny jeans, or cotton loose paints or even with a long skirt..REMEMBER MY WORDS- YOU'LL LOOK BEST IF YOU PUT IT RIGHT

Will be back soon
(image credit- Google)

Much love

Saturday, 5 July 2014


DURJOY DATTA-My All time favourite author


Just when I realise I don't need my bookmark anymore since I reached the 278 page of WHEN ONLY LOVE REMAINS and I still can't believe I completed it over night and it was worth staying up late till 3:30AM just to know how the love story ends up.

I know you might be excited to know how the story is but to tell you, I won't reveal the story here because many book readers ought not to know the story before they read and I dont want to ruin the excitement but I'll tell the gist of the story to stimulate the feel of reading it more!!!

Avanti a girl from Dehradun, flight attendant by profession is a fan of Devrat from Kolkata who is a singer by profession who doesn't even know someone like Avanti ever exist. But with all her efforts she was able to attend Devrat's show in kolkata and among all these audience she was the only one singing along with him with all the lyrics in sync. SHE WAS A TRUE DIE-HARD FAN OF HIM

After the show she was able to communicate with him and the story moves on to a step further, they spent a night together walking, gossiping, eating but nothing really happened.

Eventually they fell in love with each other. It was their first date anniversary and there comes a Big U-TURN in their story...........(suspense)

There comes a page when I thought the story ends and I was not at all satisfied with the way it ends and I was planning to write back to DURJOY DATTA as HAZEL GRACE and AUGUSTUS writes to the author of imperial affliction in FAULT IN OUR STARS and then I saw CHAPTER 33 on the other side and the story goes on further and what happend in chapter33 was totally out of my expectation.

This story is a must read for all those who love reading fiction, even if you don't love reading fiction you will love it after reading this, the story will teach you how to value the love of your family and better halfs

I enjoyed it thoroughly, the book contains LOVE, LAUGH, HAPPINESS, EXCITEMENT, SADNESS, SOBBING and much more

until we meet again sending you all lots of love :)


Friday, 4 July 2014


This is how I played around with my nails this evening using Glitter Mania (starry nights-603)


After the wide range of amazing COLOR SHOW nailpaints The maybelline has came out with Glitter mania in eight different colors. The glitter mania gives a 3d effect on the nailpaints which attracts and make your nail a statement.

These eight shades are named as-

-Starry Nights
-Paparazzi Purple
-All That Glitters
-Red Carpet
-Matinee Mauve
-Dazzling Diva
-Pink Champagne
-Bling On The Blue


My finals were going on when I saw Maybellineindia's post on Instagram about the Launching of GLITTER MANIA with some of the popular Bloggers, I fell in love with the glitter mania that very moment when I saw its 3d texture and few popular bloggers like sherry and Rati tehri singh flaunting the glitter mania. As my finals got over I was so excited to get my hands on it and I went and asked some of the drug store but sadly it was yet to be out in market by then...

I finally managed to get Glitter Mania and my first pick from these eight colors was starry nights 603


The reason why I picked up starry nights first is because I want to see how the glitter mania works and how it gives 3d texture because everyone knows black is the best color to experiment because if it's black you'll never go wrong. And TBH it's worth buying, I loved the texture, while applying it looks shiny but once it gets dry it will give you the matte glitter look which looks so real unlike those other glitter nailpaints we used to apply once and Fed up already. I am very much satisfied and will get new shades soon. (you know what, I am outside my house right now updating this post and I can see my nails sparkling so elegantly) :)


It is more expensive comparatively to the COLOR SHOW but comparing it with other glitter nailpaints from other brands is very cheap. It is worth 125/-...


To add up some spice on the starry nights I added up coral craze 211 from the color show... I actually thought of adding up nail stickers too but I realized that in what ever that glitters it's better to keep it simple as it is in order to make it look more elegant.

RATE -5/5

Thanks for reading.. MUCH LOVE

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

When Do Girls Regret!!!!!

Without denying the fact that girls' life is more happening than the boys... NO I AM NOT BEING BIAS :) Be it the multi tasking skills that girls have or be it an over-thinking mind that makes her worry on such a small matter that boys don't give a Damn about. So it's all spice up life that girls go on through!!!!

Apart from the relationship related regretting matters I tried to point out few common regrets among girls. I consider the matter of relationship as private matter and I have no right to discuss on it.. Other than this, If you're a girl, you'll surely agree with my following points


We love change, don't we :) Out of 100% girls 99.9% have chopped their hair and regret later. We miss our Long Hair...


*when we are happy-We eat.
*When we are sad-We eat.
*When we are excited-We eat
since we girls are so much concerned about our weight, so after eating disastrous WE REGRET!!


Its the best pastime therapy that most girls do even when we run out of our monthly pocket money. With the limited amount left we tend to eat at the food court and then our WINDOW SHOPPING here by starts..We might not enter every store in the mall but few are always a must go brand store for us :)
After entering these stores and eyeing over few of the favourite stuffs we go back and then WE REGRET WHY THE HELL I WENT because we can't stop thinking over the crop tops and fancy shoe from F21, those leather bags and the comfy shoe from Zara, Boyfriend jeans from mango, and the cheap yet couldn't afford Ginger floral clothing from the Lifestyle store... So until and unless we get those, We keep on regretting.


We go Crazy while shopping specially when the sale season begins :) and We tend to shop as if there's no tomorrow to spend money at. So before month comes to an end our budget becomes tight and then comes a REGRET point WHY DID I SHOPPED SO CRAZY.


As we over-think in all the small invisible matters related with our life and around, it disturbs us indirectly and boost up our mind which result in short tempered that finally brings argument or a catfight with the people around. GIRLS are usually very emotional.After sometime we realise we were just over reacting on a small matter and then again WE REGRET..

Besides having all these regrets in a girls' life we still tend to live our life to the fullest by spreading love where ever we go!!!!!!

live the current moment with no regrets because we can't go back once it's gone

until next post, keep showing me love

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