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Skin benefits of Aloe Vera gel and ways to use it..

Aloe Vera gel can be used by both men and women and are suitable for all skin types.
Fresh Aloe gel is way more effective than market based products which they claim their product contains pure aloe gel but the later is chemical blended and processed product and there's a chance of it being too harsh for skin. So always try to get fresh aloe gel that one can directly get from the Aloe Vera plant.

Skin Benefits of Aloe vera gel and how to use :

1. Instant Glow
By applying fresh aloe vera gel in your face, you can see instant glow and well moisturised and flawless skin.
Use it half and hour before you head out of the house. Apply sunscreen after applying gel to avoid the tightness of your skin.

2. Night Cream
Our skin get exposed to sunlight and dirt through out the day, the pores in our skin suck in all the dirts and if not properly cleansed it will lead to acne break outs.
Before going to bed wash your face and pat dry. Apply thin texture of fresh aloe gel all over the face and neck area and leave it over night. When you wake up your skin will feel soft, moisturized and the pores are all tightened so there is less chances of dirt being sucked in next time.
Best results can be seen when used daily.

3. Face Mask
Aloe Vera can be used as face mask as well.. Blending the Aloe Gel with your favourite Face oil or Rose water or even face pack powder can be very effective for skin. Apply it thickly textured and leave it for 20-30 mins. It will helps keep your skin hydrated thus less chances of wrinkle and fine lines.

4. Healing effect
Aloe Vera can help reduce the need for inflammation, it's natural anti inflammatory benefits reduce redness and swelling. It can be used during minor skin burns, sun burns and even on cuts and wounds.
Before applying the Aloe gel make sure the surface are well cleansed.

5. Before/ After shaving
When used before shaving it will prevent your skin from drying and makes your skin feel soft so that razor blade easily be easily glide on to your skin and takes off the hair as close to root as possible. When used after shaving it will leave your skin well moisturised and prevents itchiness and also the hair grown afterwards are softer and not poky.
Shaving sometime will impact to small cuts so Aloe will heal those cuts as well..


1. Cut one leave of the plant and make it into pieces like so:

2. Cut the breadth of the plant into two pieces.Don't cut it the other way as the thorn on the leave might poke in between.

3. Extract the gel using a table knife or spoon and gently apply it with your fingers in a circular motion. Please make sure your hands are clean before you apply.

These are the best ways one can use Aloe Vera for healthier and hydrating glowing skin.

Planted this aloe today... 
What are you waiting for, Plant one at home today like i did :)

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hair Care Tips for Fall-Winter Season.

That time of the year has come when some of you'll wish for a longer hair, some of you'll wish if you haven't had gone shorter this summer and some of you'll step back from going for shorter hair, All in All major missing of your long hair happens this season because in this chilled weather all you want is a warm hug and long hair...

If you haven't felt any of the above mentioned you can still read this post, I am sure these tips will help us all no matter the length of hair...

1. Oiling : Oiling is good for all seasons but specially in fall and winter if you can warm it up a little bit and apply it on the roots and ends of the hair you'll see major changes. Your hair will be stronger from roots, softer texture and it will help your scalp from drying thus prevent from Dandruff.

2. Use Normal Water : I know its super cold in winter but do not make mistake of using hot water while washing your hair. The heat will extract your moisture and gives an dry and rough effect afterwards, instead use normal or lukewarm water.

3.Wrap it up : After washing your hair wrap it with a steam towel and let the towel suck in all water. Let it dry naturally and avoid using dryer.

4. Cut down the ends : In this season we tend to keep the hair length longer but to prevent it from split and rough hair ends after every week or two cut the ends if required because it will give your hair fresher look and also its easier for you to comb if you have long hair.

5. Hair Serum : We all have experience that bad day with hair when you went out and your hair kept flying around,  time and again you had to fix it, It is because your hair is drying out and if you use hair serum right after washing your hair it won't happen.

These are the baby steps to healthy hair specially for Fall and winter season. It might take sometime but it will definitely show an impact. Other than these tips healthy eating and happy soul will always make you feel better and prettier inside and out..

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Ritu Kumar Bridal Collection... (Images)

So I finally got to visit Ritu Kumar's store(Indian Designer) at Khan Market and I was specially amazed with her Bridal collections. The fall-winter collections are also very nice with the blend of indian and western touch resulting to great a creative fusion.
Here are some pictures from yesterday. Sorry couldn't able to cover the whole event due to some reasons.
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I hope you all liked it!!
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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The So Delhi Confluence 2015

            Himalayan Natural Mineral Water presents 
 The So Delhi Confluence 2015

This event transformed my boring week to a Happy Weekend!!

Thanks for inviting me @SoDelhi :)

The first ever So Delhi Confluence was held at Summer House Cafe, HauzKhas, NewDelhi on 1st of August. The top 200 bloggers (Fashion, Food, Travelling Technology, Lifestyle) and social media influencers and mixed that in with around 100 leading business brands in the country, including HnM, Swatch, ITC, Taj Hotels, Sony, The Body Shop, Fitness First and many more were present in the event.

Ankita Chaudhary, Brand Manager - Himalayan Natural Mineral Water speaking to NDTVGoodTimes.

INTRODUCTORY SPEECH by Founder of So Delhi:

The event kick started with a quick introduction by So Delhi Founder and CEO, Digant Sharma, who illuminated the importance of quality content creation and the rapidly-gaining-traction concept of Influencer Marketing.


 One of the highlight of the evening was the panel discussion between the blogger panelists which included Komal Khulbe ( , Mehak Shahani ( , Neeru Singh ( The floor was then thrown open to all the participants for any queries regarding their blog, Blogging in general, how they deal with negative comments, Blog traffics etc. and personally I felt this discussion was very helpful.

What followed was a lively introduction of PepperTap - The Grocery App followed by One Touch Response, an emergency app for women on the lines of 911. Fehmida Baba from Roposo enlightened the crowd about India's biggest fashion community and fashion influencer marketing. Team Roposo also organized a fun pop quiz for all the fashionistas in the house, giving away amazing goodies for every right answer.

Introducing the Roposo app:

Roposo's photobooth was the heart of an event, We were asked to choose any props of our choice and to recreate a look and the best thing was getting photo printed instantly. And more over those who were having the Roposo App were given a gift hamper box which includes a compact mirror and a PipaBella earring.

Violin performance by Bella courtesy of Himalayan Natural Mineral water enthralled and left the crowd speechless throughout especially her version of 'jai ho' from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

In between all these, free time was given and we were all served light snacks and soft drinks and when the stage was not occupied we get to engage with different people specially as a blogger I got to speak with many brand managers/representatives and I am so glad some people came up to me and appreciated my work. Thanks!!

This was followed bu a sensatinal introductory stand up performance by Utsav Chakraborty from the Satan Bhagat fame and the audience were then regaled with Manik Mahna's particularly zestful brand of comedy.

There was a 'Make your Own Sandwich' Counter courtesy of Cremica Foods was set up for guests to make sandwiches with some very unusual concoctions thrown u by them and 3 lucky winners took home big hampers filled with Cremica goodies.


Discussion on 'How to monetize your Confluence' with a distinguished panel of business heads including Udit Malhotra, a Digital Marketing Specialist, Nikhil Pallat from The Lalit Hotels Group, Ankita Chaudhary, Brand Manager - Himalayan Natural Mineral Water answered volley of questions lobbed at them by the guests.

Priyanka and Digant, Founders, So Delhi - Picking up the names from the box!!

The party then moved on to the much awaited Raffles give away, where 10 lucky winners were bestowed treasures such as hotel stays, meal vouchers, designer sunglasses and lots more.

Party officially ended with a Band Play : Chizai, who stole the show and hot the crowd crooning with its coldplay song renditions.


As we left for home we were all given one huge carry bag filled with goodies and gift vouchers and trust me its one of the best goodie bag ever!!!!!!

With Apurva from and Mawi Neitham from

Through this event I got to meet many of my blogger friends from which I met few of them for the first time and made good memories. All thanks to So Delhi for the wonderful evening and for hosting such a wonderful event. Looking forward to attend more of such events.



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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Outfit Post : White on White

Hi guys,
Hope you are all doing great. I am having great time in city with lots of shopping, I already shopped half the mall...(Duh) j.k but yah this sale season has made everyone crazy specially us girls :) and more-so-over Monsoon has officially began in Delhi so enjoying every bits like walking in the rain, evening walk after down pour and eaiting lots of yumzaa food!!
 Though coming to Delhi was for completely different purpose and I shall tell you guys the reason once it's done until than wish me luck!!
So if you have been following me on INSTAGRAM you'll know I finally got to visit the Gap store in select citywalk. I couldnt make it to the First day opening which was held on 30th May and was inaugurated by Bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut but nevertheless I finally did :)

I have been really lucky winning those giveaway or contest back to back and it happened again with the GapIndia contest too. I was asked to pick up whatever I liked from the women's section worth 20,000. It was the toughest decision to choose few among many pretty pretty stuffs but yah I came out of the store happily with 9 Items. Thanks GapIndia :)


Yes you heard it right. If you are following me on INSTAGRAM you'll know how obsessed I am with white be it clicking pictures on the white bedsheet or white table, everything that's white make me feel happy. you wont believe but I have been painting my nails white since a month, Call it an obsession, NO????
Same-thing with outfit, every store i visit i look for white shirt or white pyjama pant  and thus I found my perfect pair of whites that can be wore without giving a second thought.

I paired the Gap statement Tee with Boyfriend shorts and a slip-on from the same. They are all super comfy specially the boyfriend shorts that I have been wearing every other, its perfectly meant for me (i mean us - those without thigh gaps) shhhhhhhhhhhh
You should definitely check that when you visit the store next time and not to ignore Gap's shoe collections are just wow though very limited stock but they are all so cool. The Gap statement tee is on trend now or just to show-off you visited the Gap store (the only Gap store in India).
Hope you guys enjoy checking out the pics :) comment below and let me know how's it or if any suggestions or queries regarding the stuffs at the Gap store, May be I can tell the prizes if I remember. Kind enough???  :)


Thanks to my bestie Disha Bhatia for these amazing pics. You can check her page HERE
  • Shoot Location - Cannaught Place (Delhi)
  • Goggle - Forever21
  • TeeShirt - Gap
  • Shorts - Gap
  • SlipOn Shoe - Gap
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Thursday, 18 June 2015

How To Have Longer Lasting Lipstick.

Here’s how to keep your lips looking great all day, so you don't have to re-apply your lipstick throughout the day.

Many says and I believe it depends on the Lipstick quality whether it last long on your lips or not.  But girls it is not the whole truth, Though the quality of lipstick really matters alot but sometimes even if we apply the same lipstick among the friend circle but still there comes a difference in longevity of lipstick. My friends  often ask me how do I manage to last the lipstick for longer period and having told them few steps for lipstick to last longer I am amazed myself after seeing  the result on them. A girl who has to reapply lipstick every two hours didn’t even had to retouch for more than four/five hours even after she uses the same lipstick she used to apply before. Isn’t it cool?

These are the quick and easy tips for lipstick to last longer than ever, it might need an extra effort but your lil effort is really worth it.. Try it once and see!! J

To begin with, these are the products i use to create a longer lasting lipstick. You can use lipstick, liner, balm, brush and powder of your choice:

1. Moisturize your lips before going to bed:  

Before going to bed it’s very important to apply balm to your lips because when we sleep we don’t intake any fluids and that might lead to dryness of lips and because of that when you wake up your lips feel rough and dry. So if the base is not clear its obvious what ever you apply on it wont stay for long and it looks so untidy.. So in vest on a good balm, I would recommend you guys to use the Body shop balm its on reasonable price and the products works really well. If you are looking for cheaper ones or if you don’t find any good balm the best option available is Vaseline it contains Petroleum Jelly which will keep your lips fresh, plump, juicy and even protect your lips from drying. 

2.  Clear the base:
                               Lips exfoliating scrub!!          Moisturizer and damp tooth brush!!                          
So you wake up with a fresh plump lips because you moisturized it the other night, So what next??  While washing your face see if your lips is still rough or not, if so gently use a lip exfoliating scrub or if you don’t have one gently massage with a good moisturizer and lightly scrub away the top surface of your lips with a damp toothbrush to get rid of dull and dry skin cells.

3.Balm to the rescue:

Once your lips is dry apply your favorite lip balm very lightly just so to make a perfect clear base, go for a wax like texture so that your lipstick stays longer if you don’t have one simply use your lip balm lightly and press a thin tissue in between your lips or over your lips so it takes away the excess oil from your lips. If you have lip primer you can use that instead of using balm in this step, but I prefer balm.

4.Draw with liner:
Define your lips with liner

create a base color with liner.

This step is really important. It’s always good to start with a liner to define the line of your lips and fill in lightly so as it will let your lipstick color stays for longer period and also it will make you look whole day as there is less chances of dissolving your lipstick. But there are many girls who don’t prefer using liner if you are one of them it’s  ok you can skip it. But yah doing so will give a better result.

5. Main girl:

So with the same or similar shade of lipstick start applying it around the lips till the border you drew earlier. If you know lipsticks won’t stick your lips for long try applying more of Matte texture rather than gloss because the glossy ones are easy to smudge and are more likely to fade on your lips. Even if you are using the gloss lipstick you can blot the juicy like texture with a tissue.

6. Tissue and Powder:

Take a thinnest tissue and place it on your lips and with the use of blush brush  dust a translucent powder like Make Up For Ever HD Powder over the lips, through the tissue. If you don’t have one you can even try with a simple powder preferably Johnsons baby powder.  This sets the color, without depositing a layer of powder.

7. Reapply the lipstick:

Reapply the lipstick gently; Adding a second layer of lipstick after blotting increases the pigment concentration relative to the creamy ingredients that are the enemies of lipstick longevity.

Now Smile you are all set to go J

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear a feedback or comments if you have tried this or have any queries, Always happy to help :) 
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