Friday, 30 May 2014


1.Ginger Aztec knitted top: color-black (lifestyle store). 699/-

2.Max Denim slouchy : color-mid blue (Boyfrd's Jean). 999/-

3.Hand bag from Westside approx 2k

4.Watch from Omax (Gift)

5.Maybelline coloressential lipstick - color: ARE YOU RED-DY (gift)

Finally I managed to go out shopping because finals are over and I feels like an independent bird ready to BLOG now and so on..

My #OOTD for today is kind of simple, under bugdet, comfortable and yes Aztec top and Bf's Jean is making a great combo...

The jean I am wearing which is from Max is perfectly made for this very hot weather, its material is very light and cotton like texture with a Jean color which really looks like a normal Jean and the best thing about it is that it is loose and can be paired with all the fitting tops or tees...

The Aztec is still going strong on fashion and I am loving it now and then :)

It was before shopping :

After shopping :) Kings Xl Punjab's flag at the back was a good accident... Have been cheering for the team since day one, I just hope you win this time #ipl2014 :)
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Wednesday, 28 May 2014




One fine day, i was scrolling down my Facebook page and suddenly saw a post by Fab Bag :)
I checked its official website and got to know about the monthly Bag and i really liked how they send three products every month according to the custormer's need (you'll have to fill up a form in order to make them know about your skin/hair condition etc) so accordingly they will surprise you every month with a cute bag along. 
So i decided to subscribe it this month, I was so excited when i recieved mail from the Fab Bag team saying my bag has been dispacthed, since then i have been waiting for my bag.. 
It took 3-4 days to reach me and "ITS WORTH WAITING"

                                         WHAT'S IN MY FAB-BAG


As i opened the box, I saw this cute little bag...
Every month they change the print and color of the bag and this month its black and yellow, which came out to be a great combo...

  1. LASplash- LASH SPLASH MASCARA Navy Blue- Full size
  3. Za TRUE WHITE cleansing foam- sample
  4. (Bonus) MANGO FACE MASK- 15ml

 look at my product closely :)
full size- 895/-

It's been so long i didn't tried any colored mascara and i think i should flaunt it this summer with this awesome navy blue colored mascara,
La splash mascara is my favorite product as of now,it is a full size product, i used it this morning when going to college and i think it worked very well, the color looks brighter in the sun and with the lights on.. 

As mentioned in the product card, La Splash mascara:
  • lengthen your lashes
  • A wand to nourish lashes
  • Thicken lashes
  • Deposit good color but no blobs
Overall its a perfect mascara that attracts with the navy blue color, it is also available in the different colors.. It cost 895rs, isn't this awesome because it cost more than my whole bag (lucky me)

        HAIR CONDITIONER                                                       
50ml- 300/-

As mentioned in the product card, 
Made in England, CORNELIA products have a highly effective blend of natural active botanicals, vitamins, minerals and oils. This advanced, deep penetrating conditioning formula is designed to treat, moisturize and protect your hair. silk protein, nettle and soothing willowherb nourish the hair and scalp, while epilobrium extracts discourage hair loss.
I didn't used this conditioner yet but i can say it smells so nice.... 

 FOAM WASH                            
sample size product
Due to this weather my skin is time and again becoming dry and it seems regular face wash isnt working, just when i thought to change my foam wash, i got Za True white cleansing foam as a sample product- i tried it already and i can feel the difference..
and the packaging is also very nice and i am most probably going to order this foam wash in my coming days. It cost 349/- for 100g. 
As mentioned in the product card; The product is developed by leading Japanese skin scientists this advanced cleansing foam is formulated with effective whitening ingredients and micro-fine foam that reaches deep into tje pores to gently remove impurities, while moisturizing the skin and making it radiant.
it effectively allows the skincare steps that follow to penetrate smoothly into the skin.

      FACE MASK                          
A must for summer
It is a bonus product and the product card wasn't there, I didn't tried it yet but as per my knowledge mango is good for our skin, so i am sure it will work effectively :)

If you like to subscribe your monthly fab bag than just click on the link and order, you can order it for a month which will cost 599rs, for three month plan it cost 1499rs i.e 499rs per month, for six month plan it will cost 2699rs i.e 499rs permonth in addition to it you will get a nyx round lipgloss, for 12 month plan it will cost 4799rs i.e 399rs per month and in addition you will get clinique long last lipstick.

Overall, i really like the May fab bag and all the products are very nice and perfect for the summer, i just wish if the foam wash was a little bigger...
I am looking forward to subscribe in future as well.. 
TILL THE NEXT TIME keep showing me love, like and comment below..


Sunday, 25 May 2014



As a saying goes, i think its better for me to put up my review on the MAYBELLINE NEWYORK COLOR SHOW than not doing it forever and i know i will damn on regret later if i don't do it now since the new COLOR SHOW GLITTER MANIA have been launched recently in 8 shades, so i dont wanna be that late too...
so as of now for me its "now or never" to put up review on the not so glitter Colorshow nailpaint :)

It was in end of 2013 when the color show was launched and was so much in trend but to be very honest by then i was not a MAYBELLINE fan like I am as of now... It all happened a month back when i was in lifestyle store searching for some good BBcream but my eyes got caught by those pretty colorshow nailpaints and the person on the maybelline counter showed me all those lovely nailpaints and was also quite impressed by the way the retailer was explaining me about each color ( thats what a perfect marketing skills every retailer should have)
When he said there are 40 range of different colors in the colorshow i was so amazed though sadly they didnt had all at that time but than i was so satisfied with the colors which was available in the store..
Each Nailpaint cost only 75rs, what can be more better than that because comparing to all other branded nailpaints Color show is so far the cheapest with the awesome color and the qualities were so great.
I ended up buying colorshow nailpaint which was so unplanned :)

Blackcurrant Pop (402) is my favourite as of now as it suits to the weather so much and make me feel fresh and light all the time :) 

-Pretty colors that suits people of all kinds
-There are lots of color options
-Choices for texture, some people go for glossy color where as some people like me go for matte texture, both of these option can be found in Color show
-One coating is enough but if you want the color to look brighter two coating is more than enough
-It's price is the main reason that attract people, Its only for 75rs and believe me it's really worth it
 -Long Lasting- the color stays minimum for a week that too if you wash your cloths and do heavy work with hand otherwise it stays for a longer period
 -It is very quick dry and that impressed me more because personally I am too lazy to wait for my nails to get it dry completely and with the colorshow it's just a magic, it dries so quickly
 -It works perfectly to those who do nailart.....
I would rate the colorshow nailpaint five out of five, and thus it is the Best One for me... No negative marking... I am looking forward to buy new glitter mania colorshow nailpaint soon and will pop up with reviews too, till than keep showing me some love

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Just a month back I started blogging and this month itself my exams starts (what a bad clash) >…< Isn't that so disgusting because since I am a new blogger I have the instinct to write more and keeps on thinking about the blog what ever, where ever or when ever but sadly I had to prepare for my exams as well, so I couldn't able to manage two things at a time, though I tried my best to manage my time properly but once I open my laptop I stick to it till late-night (youtube fever) and can't able to study. So I prefer staying away from it.. Do you know where do I study or what do I study?? I didn't mentioned it anywhere so I'll do it here... I am a student of M.A political science from M.K.P (P.G) college dehradun which comes under HNB Garhwal university SriNagar, it's an semester system out here so it is very hectic- we have internal exams twice on every subjects in one semester and there will be external semester exams twice a year (approximately 36 papers exam yearly ) Our second semester exam has recently started from 20th May and will end by 30th May, Done with two papers and still 3 more to go.. I have written this post just to fill in the gap on my blog so that the readers won't get bored with my old post :) Let me finish this exam, I have many things to share with my lovely readers, so stay tune and please try to understand the tight schedule I am going through..
(the image has been downloaded from Google) Send me wishes Much love Tenzing #shelifestyle

Friday, 9 May 2014

OOTD summer evening wear..

O.O.T.D  (Outfit of the Day)

1.Black dress from GK-Delhi
2.Black stud wear-over from Max
3.stud thin belt from Lifestyle
4.Fancy Goggle with UV protection from Janpath-Delhi
5.Vans leopard print shoe from Vans store-Kamla Nagar- Delhi
 I finally made it to shopping with my only sister at Pacific mall Dehradun after such a long time and you don't know how excited i was when my sister told me "Lets go for shopping" :)
It was around 5:00 pm when we were about to leave from home and found out that the sun was already down and there's no need to worry about wearing shorts or a skirt just because i hate tanning and  more over it takes time to get back to normal....
So i have finally decided to wear my favorite dress-(though black might look bit awkward in summer but since its evening the dark color will go perfectly)..
Since it is an sleeveless dress i topped up with the wear over which i got from max- it has a studs on both the shoulders which  makes it look more better and more over the material is so good and skin friendly... A belt is a must for all the dresses (be it short dress or long maxi one).. I picked up the stud one because it matches with my wear over and it looks good upon the plain black dress. 
I got this Goggle a year back and still working perfectly ;) 
After deciding all the upper wear i was so confused what to pick up for my shoe, whether to wear a flat sandal or go with simple flip flop, thankfully i saw a post on Instagram from forever21 where a girl was wearing her canvas under her dress, so I thought why not try.....
These were the stories behind my yesterday's OOTD.... i think it went quite well and yah dresses are girls BFF.... 
Shopping story- Bought couple of funky Tees from Lifestyle (ginger) and cosmetics from Maybelline-India... (reviews coming soon)

Thanks for reading, comment below :)
much love

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

DIY- Nail art tutorial


Not every girls are blessed with beautiful hands and its fingers but one can make it happen using its creativity and skills :) I am one of those unlucky girl who have a boy kinda hand and my nails are short ( looks similar to my brother's hand) hehe.. but i dont give up this easily, i used to apply transparent nail polish when in school which makes my nail thicker and less broken, I started coloring my nails when i was doing my Bachelors, by then i was not used to with nail arts...
I always have this in mind that Nail art isnt my kinda thing with these horrible fingers but thankfully one day i got to see one of my friend doing her nailart at the studio and it inspired me to start up..
You dont have to go to nail studio for the nail art, you can do it easily by yourself...
My IG followers might have seen me doing lots of nail art these days... 
I tried one simple nail art today, Hope you all will like it and i promise i will do better next time :)

1-What you need? 
a-Any colored nail-pant of your wish,
b-3D nail sticker
c-Transparent nail-paint 

2- Whats Next?
a- Make sure your nails are clean with no left out of earlier nail-paints

3-Get it started
                                                                   \a- Apply the based colored coat of your choice ( i applied the sea green here)
4- Stick the Stickers
a- stickers should be the one which is meant for nails only, not the normal one since the normal one will be too thick and rough...
After sticking the sticker one should apply a transparent nail polish in order to make it stick for long time and looks shiny too
5- Final result...
And this is how it finally looks like....
This is easy nail art tutorial and you dont need to pay much....
I got the sticker from Delhi ( barakhamba road metro station store)
and the nail paints are from elle18..
Thank you for reading 
much love

Saturday, 3 May 2014

What I Always Wanted...

My first attempt :) I have always wanted to have my own blog through which I can share some basics with everyone, more over to make myself feel good ( sounds selfish).... Keeping my excuses apart I have made my blog this evening.. #shelifestyle- my blog's title, I have been thinking over the title for so long and finally decided one, since I am greedy, through this blog I wanted to post everything related to a girl's life- From makeup to the Diysss and #ootd etc etc :) that's the reason why I don't want to give the specific title for my blog because it will be too specific but I am (GREEDY) I told yah ;) My blog is all in one and yah if everything goes well I will start vlogging too~ So today being my first post I want my readers to bless me for the good things that I am going to do :) Much love Nima #