Friday, 29 August 2014


It's my second lipstick from REVLON and both of them didn't failed to impress me.


COLOR It's an Orange Red color which has More of Bright Red feature and the color is very attractive and I must say a 'UNIQUE RED' it is.

TEXTURE It's texture is very smooth and can easily be applied even if you have some cracks in between your lips it works perfectly without letting the other person notice your lip-crack weakness :)

SCENT Thankfully this lipstick is Scentless, some lipstick having such a strong odour really pisses me off.Though it has a little fragrance of its own but it is so mild and equal to odourless.

LAST The lipstick color is very lasting. It doesn't fade away easily and also doesn't crack in between. You apply it once in the morning and it will stick to you all day only if you wipeout you'll have to reapply otherwise you don't have to reapply it wholeday.

SUITABILITY It suits all skin tone, specially for those with fair skin tone. But I think if you really like Bright lipstick color this one is exactly for you.

PRICE 550INR, 7$

WHERE TO BUY It is available in any Revlon store or a Drugstore, it is also available online on

Flaunting my look with RAVISH ME RED lipstick and keeping the rest make-up minimal

until next time TATA BYE BYE and yes KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE

Friday, 15 August 2014

HOW TO CURE YOUR SKIN BREAKOUTS/ACNE + My Skin Care Routine During Acne!!

ACNES AND PIMPLES ARE COMPLETELY NATURAL so you don't need to worry much if it happens with you. Specially if you are a girl it's 99% sure you will get it as a sign of your monthly periods. So I don't know why Even a Girl or a Big lady who had been through the same situation says like OMG YOU HAVE PIMPLES ON YOUR FACE THIS AND THAT and I feels like saying SO WHAT????

So through this post I would like to help my readers with the acne breakout problem and to let you know what Will help and how to cure your skin breakouts because I know how frustrating situation it is during that time-the pain it gives, the heat it spread throughout specially if the breakout happens on your face and you feel like the whole city is looking at your red flamed breakouts.

STEP-1 As you realize you have a new breakouts coming up DON'T TOUCH we touch them usually but it's a BIG NO because the presence of bacterias on your hand will enlarge your pimple and will turn it into flame red. So the best thing you can do is leave as it is and it will fade away when the time comes.

STEP-2 Acne and Pimple gives you that itchy feels and those reddish color will bother you, so the best remedy is ICECUBES

yes ice cubes will help you heal those itch and reddish burn. An hour Before stepping out the room take a piece of ice cube and and press it lightly around your acne area (be soft) or before going to bed cleanse your face and rub it lightly on acne prone area and next morning you will notice its way much better!! P.S-Do not use ice cubes directly.They can cause the delicate capillary under your skin to break. Wrap them in a clean cloth before you use them.

STEP-3 If your pimple is bothering you so much or if it's getting worst once you are done washing your face in the morning you can apply any pimple or acne cream (make sure it suits your skin) choose a herbal product, let it dry completely only then you can apply the daily moisturiser. If possible don't apply moisturiser or a sunscreen on that acne prone area just a swipe can do.

STEP-4 Once you are done with the basic part i.e applying the acne cream and moisturizer I would recommend you NOT TO APPLY SKIN MAKE-UP like foundation, compact, bronzer, BB cream, CC cream etc. Just go for high on lips and eyes and that will be fine. Because these skin makeup will irritate your acne prone area and make your pimple spread over badly and more over there will be deep pores when your acne gets better, If you badly need to use then just go for a light compact powder over moisturizer that too not focusing much on the acne prone area. So it's better not to wear them for while and flaunt pretty skin later then to apply on to acne area and regret later (choice is still yours)

STEP-5 twice a week cleanse your face with a face gel+scrub+mask at home.. Don't rub scrub on the acne area. CHARCOAL FACEPACK works best for acne skin (read full story on my review on Fabindia charcoal facepack)...


I have a combination skin with more oily around my nose and cheeks so breakouts appear there only. It's obvious I have acne breakouts during my periods and also when I eat junks it starts to pop out after an hour.

As I wash my face in the morning If I am not going out that day I don't do anything to my acne, I just apply sunscreen leaving the acne prone area. But most of the time I've to go out for my regular college so I apply an acne cream(Biotique winter green spot correcting anti-acne cream) directly on to acne and leaves it free for an hour and a half. So once it dries out If really needed I apply a light compact evenly of my face (most of the time I don't apply face make-up during acne). Once I get back from college I wash my face and since my skin gets tired and reddish because of the sun burn I evenly rub an ice cube to my face focusing on the acne area. Before going to bed I wash my face again and then I apply acne cream and sometime if acne is so red and irritating me I just deep-press icecube on my acne and it's area half an hour before I go to bed only after that I apply the acne cream lightly on the ance area and I always wake up with a smile noticing my acne getting better.


helps dry out acne fast and also it doesn't leave any acne scar or mark after acne, that's the reason why I have been using this product from so long.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

COSMOPOLITAN INDIA (August Issue)- Highlights + My Favourites

As a New month begins many of you might wait for your monthly salary or if you are a student you might wait for your monthly budget from your family.. But I am of different kind, I keep waiting for cosmopolitan New issue and I hate it how other magazines come out earlier then cosmo, I ring up my fav book store every other day in first week of the month to ask whether the new issue is out or not and I am soon planning to subscribe it directly from the magazine outlet so I'll get it as soon as the prints are done...

I have been consistently reading Cosmo and what I love the most about the magazine is that it contains everything a girl wants to or Needs to know-Be it a cover girl interview, New fashion trend, Beauty products, love advice, Career advice and lots more and it also give opportunity to readers to share its stories,confession and can win goodies if you are lucky 'Yes I won once :)'

So I've finally decided to share with you guys the HIGHLIGHTS of cosmopolitan(India) magazine every month with more focus on what I find more interesting!!


So yes ESHA GUPTA is Cosmo's covergirl this month and she is looking absolutely gorgeous with her Makeup, elegant accessories, Embellished crop top and metallic boy shorts on!!!!


MY #cosmoaugust FAVORITES

1.COSMO INTERVIEW with ESHA GUPTA by Karan Talwar and Varun Thakur

After going through this interview I get to know her more then what we see in Movies.. She is really a pretty girl in and out.. Her mantra "DON'T KILL PEOPLE" was quite different and meaningful.

2.THE DIYs EVERY GIRL Needs to know

I am a DIY junkie, I love doing DIYs because the feeling of 'I DID IT MYSELF' is always good and gives me hell lots of satisfaction. So my eyes got stucked here when I saw DIYS, it was the first section I looked on to and I thoroughly enjoyed this section and yes THIS WAS MY MOST FAV I got to learn new DIYs... All thanks to Cosmo and contributors in particular, let this DIYs spirit keep going :)

3.How To Get Sh*t Done In Life (By the women who Do)

The words from these Working-women were so inspiring... Have a look!!!!

4.CAREER ADVICE - So, You Want to Be An AUTHOR

This section is very effective, focusing on the career prospect of an individual followed by a career advice by Talented professional working women.. I am always excited about this section.

5.7 Clever Ideas for Your Hair

I tried all of these hairdos as I saw this article, and yes they were all elegant and amazing!!!


These emojis are so popular in Whatsapp and it's still is and since the instagram have these emojis too, The EMOJIS went viral.

And with this section we'll get to see how Men decode these emojis and YES This was a cutest yet funniest section!!


Like the issues of every month, #cosmoaugust also featured the street style and the ladies on the street were gorgeous and looks so natural beauty!! This section inspire us to pair up our not so working cloths into the favs because this section shows how styles of individual differs from each other and still tend to look prettiest in its own way...

Though each and every section was interesting but those above were my favorites, it was a tough decision to choose the favourites but I think I managed it finally... I AM EXTREMELY SORRY IF SOME PICTURES ARE NOT CLEAR BECAUSE I TOOK IT FROM MY HANDY and I'll try foe better picture quality in my next post!!


Thanks to #TEAMCOSMO For being able to make your readers feel satisfied with your every issue and it's worth the every penny!!

Until next time


much love


Saturday, 2 August 2014


I know I know how excited you guys are being out of school as there will be no bells, after class activities, discipline teacher etc but Hey guys to tell you a bitter truth you have got more responsibilities on your shoulder, you are nearer to your dreams, your parent's dreams and it is that time of your life where a one single mistake will ruin your whole career dream or a life in particular so Be more focused on what ever you do and make sure you have a particular aim of doing this current course otherwise its of no use going with the flows as this road shall end soon and you will hang on between.


Keeping things balanced is key to getting the most out of college life. The freedom that comes with going to college is amazing, and no one can blame you for partying hard during the first few weeks. So to begin with my main points:


In most colleges in India we have morning college for only 3-4hrs exceptional to colleges in south India they mostly have a tight schedule but still Judicious use of time is very important. Specially those who have more free time should think on it wisely as a popular saying goes "Time and Tide wait for none"...


Timetable or a daily routine structure are a must have so that you can follow to it and you can able to make sure you don't waste time. But while making or fixing the routine or getting the timetable done you have to make sure if you can follow those, otherwise it's of no use of having a good well written and designed timetable which you can't follow.


I have always wanted to do a part time job since when I was a fresher but then because of not being focussed or being lazy I couldn't and also I have heard my seniors saying it's not possible getting a part time job this and that and so fool I am to have believed them (my fault though), Anyways to be really honest If you can do a part time job that's the best thing not only you will be paid, you'll have experience, you'll meet more New people and the best thing is there will be 100% improvement in your interections. But make sure your part time job is not so heavy and hectic so that you won't be able to complete your assignment on time or miss your classes..I would recommend a Freelance writer!! (i'll do the full post on it later)


Don't miss the golden opportunity of being an intern or volunteering. You'll not only be beneficial with the certificates they provide but also the experience you get out of those events are worth spending your time.This is the most interesting thing college student can do... Why not spend your time for a good purpose that helps poor people, aged, orphanage kids, teach etc. Join with NGOs do something good, I particularly have experience of doing an event with AIESEC DELHI UNIVERSITY and it was the most and the best experience I ever had. I would recommend you guys to join AIESEC in particular as it is a college student runned organisation which has its parts in most of the India and abroad as well and they provide student exchange programme to different countries. So Google it for more and check the recruitment dates. I will paste the link here soon


Likes and Comments are what keeping us all busy these days and it's entertaining, isn't it? But these are what we have been doing from so long so why not start a Fresh blog on what you love doing, Be it a fashion blog, beauty blog, poetry blog, food blog, technology blog, sports blog etc it can be whatever that interest you. Or else you can even run your College's page with the authorisation of the college administration etc.


Most of the student goes to college and come back directly to their respective hostel rooms or home and do nothing, I am regretting for not taking part in any college activities though I performed twice but it's not enough.. as you graduate from college these opportunities as such will come to an end and by the time you will regret as well. So make the most of every college activities


I had a friend who took language classes when we were in college and by the time we graduate together she had an extra certificate of language course which is very beneficial. You can even take Computer course.. There are so many private institutions which are providing these courses


Every colleges have their own library but it's not enough for a college students because in most of our colleges the books are outdated and those new editions are limited and rare so the best way out is to become a membership in UNIVERSITY's library or you can also join state library.


"Comfort zone is beautiful place but nothing ever grows their" This is one of the best motivational line for me, isn't it good? It's very important to get out of your comfort zone and meet New people. One of the most important parts of college life is socialising. While some freshers revel in meeting new people, others can find themselves cut off by nerves and homesickness.However, it’s never too late to make new friends.Don’t be afraid to make converstion with others, whether they are roommates, classmates or even students from other years.You will find it gets easier as time goes on. Each person has a different stories and experience to share and so as your knowledge will grow and also isn't so boring going with the same school friend also in college? Try to indulge with people from different countries and communities you can learn so much from them and even you can teach them your culture and traditions...(GLOBALIZATION)

To conclude,You are no more a school student, the situation for you as of now is NOW OR NEVER so Make the most out of it and stop saying I CAN'T, I WON'T, I DON'T, TOMORROW (our tomorrow never comes).Go grab the opportunities don't think about what people will say if I do this and that.Keep in mind No one is born perfectly and so are you,him or her...until next time Enjoy your college moments and keep things balanced!!

I have some technical problem right now but as I get it right I will post links to some NGO sites and also part time jobs!!

much love