Friday, 25 July 2014

Monsoon BUZZ

Yes it's official, our favourite monsoon season is here :) Its kind of taboo in our society saying that those who love rains and it's season are considered to be Romantic in nature, but trust me guys I am nill in it hence I proved this taboo completely wrong..

some of you might not like this weather but can't help, where to escape right?? Anyways here are some of the very important Monsoon Buzz/Tips/warning which I feel is important to be aware of and I will be so glad if my words can help and it is why I am here!!! TO HELP :)


Always put on your moisturiser+SPF!!! In this weather we feel that it's so cool outside with no Heat but Friends Sunlight is here+there+everywhere so always moisturiser your skin or else you will end up looking dusky and your natural skin glow and it's textures will fade eventually. So this is the most basic thing you can do to your skin!!


It is this season of the year where, LIGHTER THE MAKE-UP BETTER YOU're GONNA LOOK!!

FOUNDATION Avoid using too much foundation especially cream foundations.Use loose powder or mineralized foundation. Instead go for BB-cream or a CC-Cream which helps you to looks natural and along with that it is light and perfect when it rains.

LIPGLOSS Glosses are of complete no when it rains, Rains will wash off your lip glosses instead use water-proof lipsticks in matte finish. Even a simple lips with a touch of balm will look great, this season is all about a nude lip Do :)

BRUSHES Due to the rains the stuff inside our room will be all moistured,so in situation like this one should specially take care of their Make-up brushes because we directly use the Brush to our skin so it should be clean and well managed. keep it in a dry place safely, I would prefer keeping it in a box which have a safe cover.

SAY NO TO CREAM BLUSH Use all those powder blushes and eyeshadows because the cream blushes make you feel sticky and uncomfort and might also result to an itching due to which our face skin are more sensitive. Prefer using more natural colors in the Monsoon as you’re opting for a rain friendly natural look. Go for some natural colors like pinks, peaches and browns and it won't be a problem if they fade or wash off a little bit due to the water.


If you don't want to look like a gothic who has her eye liner scrolling down her cheeks Go for Waterproof liners and also waterproof Mascara, I am using Maybelling Gel Eyeliner + Maybelline waterproof mascara..They are good and affordable!!


When it rains the sky looks dull so in contrast you should wear colorful cloths and stand out differently, Neons are perfect for this season. Say BIG NO TO WHITE because it will be completely transparent and visible inside out if you get drenched in rain so ladies make sure of the colors and give no chance to your haters to be happy of anything :)


Flipflops are a must haves, avoid wearing leather shoes or flats because if it get wet the size will change I guess it shrinks and in some cases it gets bigger. Instead prefer for some funky flipflop as it suits with all types of cloths... BUT make sure you choose a nice flipflop which has a good grip other wise you might slip anywhere anytime!!


I know it's hard but we can atleast Try not to eat those agree foods because the bacteria and flies will get double after rain specially on the foods... It's your choice whether you want to stay hygienic or not..Because what you eat will eventually react on your skin!!

To conclude, I would like to remind you to always carry UMBRELLA in order to help you from so Much of trouble :)

OKAY then Stay Hygenic and Enjoy the Monsoon :)

Much love


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