Monday, 1 September 2014


SORRY NOT SORRY BOYS, but TBH there are certain poses that really doesn't suits men and further it makes you look more beautiful and girly that you don't needed to be called as.

Since the #selfie revolution has hit the world of internet beyond the height, uploading pictures on various social networking sites became more popular specially with the rise of instagram users :) and these days there are large number of uploads from men as well. Have to admit the fact that women are blessed when it comes to the matter of posing infront of camera, she looks pretty when she poses with smile and does finger peace, she looks sexy with her pout, she looks gorgeous flaunting her hair, she looks hottest showing her backless dress,croptop or any short dress or a shorts in particular but sorry boys you have very less options but with the lesser options available you can still manage to look handsome and cool only if you know there are certain specific girls like poses you should avoid.

1.CUTE POUT Pouting is fine if you know how to play it right, but many guys go wrong and end up looking like a girl. When you pout you shouldn't smile it will make you look cute, instead pout while keeping your eyebrows tight and don't let your eye Speak, just keep it simple, it will make you look sharp and cool.

2.SAY NO TO PEACE Its fine if you are below 16yrs and if you are 16+ and shows your PEACE SIGN FINGER infront of camera you are most likely to be considered as a sugar boy.

3.CROSSING LEG IS NOT FOR YOU you will end up looking like you are about to pee and you just can't control :)

4.BENDING YOUR NECK it will make you look pretty and cute, try it and lemme know ;)

5.BELFIE isn't for you Belfie aka Butt selfie isn't for you because we know most of you are so flat to be taken a belfie and if you still try to then its going to be your weirdest pose.(Don't try) and I just can't imagine.

WEIRD FACE SUITS BOTH MEN AND WOMEN and that's a new trend :)

until next time keep clicking.

(P.S- it's all my own opinion and I hereby declare that my post doesn't in anyway hurt any individual or a society morally and physically!!)

much love