Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Internship Story :)

I finally decided to intern for a month this holiday and Touch Wood I got such a good response from the company that I applied and with the choices in my hands I opted for the one that I have my passion on and so I chose Stalkbuylove as a fashion intern.
In this post I'll be sharing my bit of experiences and also will be answering some of the questions that were asked to me by my friends and readers regarding my internship with a hope that it might help you or your friends.

I interned at  Stalkbuylove for a period of three weeks, Many of you might be aware of this company but for those who don't know Stalkbuylove is an online fashion clothing brand for women that comes up with awesome collections be it Dresses, Casual wear and many more ( Check here).


1.What kind of internship was that? Designing? Blogging? or something else?
Ans- I was a fashion intern and worked under the editorial team assisting in styling for campaign, product and banner shoots along with content writing for their blog as well as product descriptions.

2.How did you apply?
Ans- As you guys know me well, I am social media enthusiast and I am 24*7 with my phone and many of the time you'll see me instagraming, one fine day I left a comment on Stalkbuylove's Instagram account asking whom to contact if I were to apply for an internship and I was given an email id to contact to and it happened all through Gmail :)
-If you are planning to apply in any company in future just do the same thing as I did or you can click on their website Career link, but if you apply through their website the process will take more time.

3.Was that a paid internship?
Ans- It wasn't a paid internship because I was there for only a short period of time but within these short period of time I had a great experience so much so that I some how feel no amount can stand parallel with these experiences so it was a WIN WIN situation :)

4.How was the work surrounding?
Ans- The work place was very lively and informal. It's all surrounded with pretty clothes and frank people, I couldn't have asked for anything more :) On the first day itself I made many new friends and by the time I completed my internship I felt as if I am departing from my old good friends..... Sigh!!!! I miss them!!

5. So is your job assured for future?
Ans- May be, May be not... IDK... but with the experience letter they gave me I am pretty sure I shall be getting good jobs in future!!

6. Why three weeks only?
Ans- I was having only one month holiday and during the first week of my holiday I went for a family trip so yah only three weeks!!

So yah these were some of the frequently asked questions to me by my friends and readers, if you still have more questions please post it below in the comment box or let me know via Facebook and Instagram I will be more than happy to help any of you in whatever way I could.

My piece of advice : If you are college going student or recently graduated I would like to remind you guys that TIME IS PRECIOUS why not intern and volunteer somewhere instead of just goofing and chatting around. There are lots of opportunities around us these days and if you are lucky you will be paid. Make best use of your time because once it is gone it will never come back. Now is the time :)

Selfie during break ;)

After Lunch :)

Shoot time :)

Tea Time.

The Experience Letter.

FYI there are pretty dress collections on the website that are perfect for the Vday (Check and Shop)
I am sure you will love it..
Keep Stalking
Much love
Tenzing Nima


  1. Aww.. You seem to have a great time there and Ofcourse, learn a lot:) congrats
    We tibetan should definitely learn to come out of the egoistic surrounding and learn to adapt. Great blog, keep going :)

  2. hey you had a great time.... it's good that you shared the tips and tricks with others... best of luck for your future :)