Friday, 27 March 2015


In collaboration with Penguin Books India I am happy to announce a giveaway of a Book titled WHO,ME? This book has been launched in Mumbai week ago and will be launching in Delhi on 2nd April.
It is a quirky, hilarious take on never giving up on Love titled – Who, Me? authored by Tina Sharma Tiwari, who is a prime time news anchor with Times Now and an award winning sports journalist. It is a book makes you question about love and relationships- and also questions exterior beauty’s dominance in the world of love.
About The Book
Is love only about how you look? Will a makeover change Tara’s life? Can it change anybody’s life? When plain Jane Tara is dumped by her fiancĂ© at the altar for a stunning rich heiress, it shakes her confidence. However, she’s not ready to give up. She will do whatever it takes to win her Arun back. Even if it means undergoing a complete makeover!
The school reunion is her big chance. So when Tara turns up there, completely transformed glamorous and sexy-she gets more than her fair share of attention, especially from Arun. It seems her plan is working. But soon the unexpected begins to happen and Tara finds herself in a dangerous situation. She stumbles upon secrets she’d never known. Life shows her how unpredictable it is!
We will be choosing Two winners from my instagram contest and One winner from either my blog or facebook page of shelifestyle. For Instagram contest all the details will be shared on my instagram account @doubletapbynima
Incase you are not on instagram or you don't want to take part on instagram contest and if you still want to win a book here's a chance just comment below or comment on the giveaway post of shelifestyle facebook page and tell us "Does external beauty matters in the world of love? Reason Why?" One winner with the most convincing answer from blog or facebook page will win.
The giveaway is till 10th of April and winners will be announced on 11th April at respective space.
Disclaimer- Winners selected by us shouldn't be questioned.


  1. Hello nima,
    The question, 'does external beauty matters in the world of love?' is a complicated line as every individual has its own choice of love interest. Well at least from the men side 80% they get attracted because of the external beauty but it's a short term attraction for many as now men do look beyond beauty too. In today's generation women are not only beautiful outside but they are intellectual, smart, highly qualified to match up any men in any platform.
    So according to me external beauty is nothing but a short period of infatuation, which will die down with time, but admiration of a person's nature to take care of everything and handle every situation with ease will be there forever.
    Hope I did made some sense here.

  2. Hi Nima, I am tempted to read this book after reading the summary.I feel that external beauty does matter in love but only to a limited extent ..that is jus initially.Love actually..liking starts externally by seeing somebodys face.Now its true that ur not gonna like a face full of pimples.But if u know that the dirty face has beautiful heart...u will surely love tht person.His/her dirty face will not matter to you.So before loving or judging somebody we must get to know tht person internally...When u know the person fully ...external beauty hardly matters.External beauty remains initially only ....while internal beauty is forever.Truth is,in today's world people do give importance to external beauty....whether u agree or not.But once faced with the real person....external beauty is close to nil.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.I would love to win it..

    1. thanks for participating. winner will be announced at 9:00 pm stay tuned