Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Outfit Post : White on White

Hi guys,
Hope you are all doing great. I am having great time in city with lots of shopping, I already shopped half the mall...(Duh) j.k but yah this sale season has made everyone crazy specially us girls :) and more-so-over Monsoon has officially began in Delhi so enjoying every bits like walking in the rain, evening walk after down pour and eaiting lots of yumzaa food!!
 Though coming to Delhi was for completely different purpose and I shall tell you guys the reason once it's done until than wish me luck!!
So if you have been following me on INSTAGRAM you'll know I finally got to visit the Gap store in select citywalk. I couldnt make it to the First day opening which was held on 30th May and was inaugurated by Bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut but nevertheless I finally did :)

I have been really lucky winning those giveaway or contest back to back and it happened again with the GapIndia contest too. I was asked to pick up whatever I liked from the women's section worth 20,000. It was the toughest decision to choose few among many pretty pretty stuffs but yah I came out of the store happily with 9 Items. Thanks GapIndia :)


Yes you heard it right. If you are following me on INSTAGRAM you'll know how obsessed I am with white be it clicking pictures on the white bedsheet or white table, everything that's white make me feel happy. you wont believe but I have been painting my nails white since a month, Call it an obsession, NO????
Same-thing with outfit, every store i visit i look for white shirt or white pyjama pant  and thus I found my perfect pair of whites that can be wore without giving a second thought.

I paired the Gap statement Tee with Boyfriend shorts and a slip-on from the same. They are all super comfy specially the boyfriend shorts that I have been wearing every other, its perfectly meant for me (i mean us - those without thigh gaps) shhhhhhhhhhhh
You should definitely check that when you visit the store next time and not to ignore Gap's shoe collections are just wow though very limited stock but they are all so cool. The Gap statement tee is on trend now or just to show-off you visited the Gap store (the only Gap store in India).
Hope you guys enjoy checking out the pics :) comment below and let me know how's it or if any suggestions or queries regarding the stuffs at the Gap store, May be I can tell the prizes if I remember. Kind enough???  :)


Thanks to my bestie Disha Bhatia for these amazing pics. You can check her page HERE
  • Shoot Location - Cannaught Place (Delhi)
  • Goggle - Forever21
  • TeeShirt - Gap
  • Shorts - Gap
  • SlipOn Shoe - Gap
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