Tuesday, 6 May 2014

DIY- Nail art tutorial


Not every girls are blessed with beautiful hands and its fingers but one can make it happen using its creativity and skills :) I am one of those unlucky girl who have a boy kinda hand and my nails are short ( looks similar to my brother's hand) hehe.. but i dont give up this easily, i used to apply transparent nail polish when in school which makes my nail thicker and less broken, I started coloring my nails when i was doing my Bachelors, by then i was not used to with nail arts...
I always have this in mind that Nail art isnt my kinda thing with these horrible fingers but thankfully one day i got to see one of my friend doing her nailart at the studio and it inspired me to start up..
You dont have to go to nail studio for the nail art, you can do it easily by yourself...
My http://instagram.com/doubletapbynima IG followers might have seen me doing lots of nail art these days... 
I tried one simple nail art today, Hope you all will like it and i promise i will do better next time :)

1-What you need? 
a-Any colored nail-pant of your wish,
b-3D nail sticker
c-Transparent nail-paint 

2- Whats Next?
a- Make sure your nails are clean with no left out of earlier nail-paints

3-Get it started
                                                                   \a- Apply the based colored coat of your choice ( i applied the sea green here)
4- Stick the Stickers
a- stickers should be the one which is meant for nails only, not the normal one since the normal one will be too thick and rough...
After sticking the sticker one should apply a transparent nail polish in order to make it stick for long time and looks shiny too
5- Final result...
And this is how it finally looks like....
This is easy nail art tutorial and you dont need to pay much....
I got the sticker from Delhi ( barakhamba road metro station store)
and the nail paints are from elle18..
Thank you for reading 
much love

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