Sunday, 25 May 2014



As a saying goes, i think its better for me to put up my review on the MAYBELLINE NEWYORK COLOR SHOW than not doing it forever and i know i will damn on regret later if i don't do it now since the new COLOR SHOW GLITTER MANIA have been launched recently in 8 shades, so i dont wanna be that late too...
so as of now for me its "now or never" to put up review on the not so glitter Colorshow nailpaint :)

It was in end of 2013 when the color show was launched and was so much in trend but to be very honest by then i was not a MAYBELLINE fan like I am as of now... It all happened a month back when i was in lifestyle store searching for some good BBcream but my eyes got caught by those pretty colorshow nailpaints and the person on the maybelline counter showed me all those lovely nailpaints and was also quite impressed by the way the retailer was explaining me about each color ( thats what a perfect marketing skills every retailer should have)
When he said there are 40 range of different colors in the colorshow i was so amazed though sadly they didnt had all at that time but than i was so satisfied with the colors which was available in the store..
Each Nailpaint cost only 75rs, what can be more better than that because comparing to all other branded nailpaints Color show is so far the cheapest with the awesome color and the qualities were so great.
I ended up buying colorshow nailpaint which was so unplanned :)

Blackcurrant Pop (402) is my favourite as of now as it suits to the weather so much and make me feel fresh and light all the time :) 

-Pretty colors that suits people of all kinds
-There are lots of color options
-Choices for texture, some people go for glossy color where as some people like me go for matte texture, both of these option can be found in Color show
-One coating is enough but if you want the color to look brighter two coating is more than enough
-It's price is the main reason that attract people, Its only for 75rs and believe me it's really worth it
 -Long Lasting- the color stays minimum for a week that too if you wash your cloths and do heavy work with hand otherwise it stays for a longer period
 -It is very quick dry and that impressed me more because personally I am too lazy to wait for my nails to get it dry completely and with the colorshow it's just a magic, it dries so quickly
 -It works perfectly to those who do nailart.....
I would rate the colorshow nailpaint five out of five, and thus it is the Best One for me... No negative marking... I am looking forward to buy new glitter mania colorshow nailpaint soon and will pop up with reviews too, till than keep showing me some love


  1. cute nails there! how come the nail sticker don't come off like mine.
    I get frustrated with these stickers and end up messing up the base -.-''

    1. @Tsering choenyi - thanks for reading my blog :)
      The reason why sometime our nail sticker doesn't work well is because the base coat may be still sticky. Whenever you stick those stickers make sure the base is completely dry and after sticking those stickers apply a top coat with transparent nailpaint than your nail will be all set to go :)
      much love