Thursday, 22 May 2014


Just a month back I started blogging and this month itself my exams starts (what a bad clash) >…< Isn't that so disgusting because since I am a new blogger I have the instinct to write more and keeps on thinking about the blog what ever, where ever or when ever but sadly I had to prepare for my exams as well, so I couldn't able to manage two things at a time, though I tried my best to manage my time properly but once I open my laptop I stick to it till late-night (youtube fever) and can't able to study. So I prefer staying away from it.. Do you know where do I study or what do I study?? I didn't mentioned it anywhere so I'll do it here... I am a student of M.A political science from M.K.P (P.G) college dehradun which comes under HNB Garhwal university SriNagar, it's an semester system out here so it is very hectic- we have internal exams twice on every subjects in one semester and there will be external semester exams twice a year (approximately 36 papers exam yearly ) Our second semester exam has recently started from 20th May and will end by 30th May, Done with two papers and still 3 more to go.. I have written this post just to fill in the gap on my blog so that the readers won't get bored with my old post :) Let me finish this exam, I have many things to share with my lovely readers, so stay tune and please try to understand the tight schedule I am going through..
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