Friday, 30 May 2014


1.Ginger Aztec knitted top: color-black (lifestyle store). 699/-

2.Max Denim slouchy : color-mid blue (Boyfrd's Jean). 999/-

3.Hand bag from Westside approx 2k

4.Watch from Omax (Gift)

5.Maybelline coloressential lipstick - color: ARE YOU RED-DY (gift)

Finally I managed to go out shopping because finals are over and I feels like an independent bird ready to BLOG now and so on..

My #OOTD for today is kind of simple, under bugdet, comfortable and yes Aztec top and Bf's Jean is making a great combo...

The jean I am wearing which is from Max is perfectly made for this very hot weather, its material is very light and cotton like texture with a Jean color which really looks like a normal Jean and the best thing about it is that it is loose and can be paired with all the fitting tops or tees...

The Aztec is still going strong on fashion and I am loving it now and then :)

It was before shopping :

After shopping :) Kings Xl Punjab's flag at the back was a good accident... Have been cheering for the team since day one, I just hope you win this time #ipl2014 :)
Till the next time, take care and rate me below and your comments are most welcome.. Too tired gotta sleep Much love

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