Tuesday, 17 June 2014

fabindia CHARCOAL FACE PACK Review

It is this season of the year again when you never feel fresh because of the humidity and the never ending sweats and more over the hot air which led your skin becomes dusky, unclean and sticky... On this weather as such many of us prefer staying inside rooms but the ongoing GCM football tournament didn't let me stay, it was the busiest 11 day of my life :) I have been watching match everyday on field even in this very hot 2:00 pm kinda sun, cheering for my fav team but sadly my fav team couldn't make it to the trophy this year :( but still DFC my fav ;)

oh yah so in this very happening kinda days though I was very Much enjoying but I know I am not doing justice to my skin being burned everyday even with the sunscreen on I feel there's something missing.. So I decided to go for a fine face pack, as I went on to the fabindia store I saw this charcoal facepack, I was very surprised to see such facepack because I have set some different image when it comes to charcoal which are to be used while cooking as a fire, for engines of trains etc but when the retailer described me the details I was impressed and on that very situation I checked the reviews from different blogs.. I purchased it with a hope that it do some magic on my skin though having a fear that it might leaves my skin color totally black as like the real charcoal

As mentioned on the product's container

charcoal is known for its ability to absorb impurities. This pack containing charcoal, uses Multani mitti as its base. It absorbs sort and oil from the pores, leaving skin cleaner and healthier.

NET QUANTITY: 100ml (125g)


POSITIVE SIDE: leaves skin oil free, cleanse, instant glow, price is comparative fine, safe packaging, no need to add water, ready to use, quick dry

NEGATIVE SIDE: not suitable for dry skin, contains chemicals like SLES, Multani mitti as it base leaves skin dry after wards

Apart from the negative sides the product haves, it still do magic to my skin which makes me feel like using it many of the time.. Though it looks horrible while applying but it's fresh lemon smell makes me feel good.. It soothes and cleanse the skin immediately with the glow effects, couldn't ask for more...

To rate this product I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, .5 stars are to be added once it is made a skin dry free product :)

much love


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