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7 Common False We Do To Our SKIN

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Everyone of us wish for clean, flawless-glowing skin and most of us are aware of the ways and means to make it possible but can't help laziness and habits that we get dragged on to some unhealthy and not so nutritious stuffs which results to not so wanting acne, unclear skin.The problem with skin is not only with girls/women but it is also with boys/men. With a hope that being aware of the false that we do to our skin, all of us avoiding these mistakes can make it to awesome clear glowing skin

To begin with my own experience, I was born with blessed white glowing skin but as I grew up my skin started becoming more prone to acne and sensitive enough to get red as I step out the house and than I realised it is not only the hormone changes that is doing such but also some unaware and easy going bad habits that is making my skin dull and unattractive.The below shared points are based on what I experienced from my bad skin days and I saw these few as the common False most of us make.


Overwashing our face will not make our skin glow more instead it over-dry our skin and make it more prone to dust and clog pores easily. Washing face daily twice early morning and before bed is a must but after workout or if you are sweating a water flush can be done.


Washing face with wrong cleanser is one of the main reason behind causing damage to our skin. As we differ from each other our skin tone is also different,(oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin etc). One should use cleanser or a face wash which is suitable to your own skin not referring to what your favourite actor is recommending or advertising.


Don't you hate your blackheads? Scrubbing is good method but overdoing or not having a basic Idea on how to scrub will make our problem worse.Scrub is recommended only once a week, not daily because too much exfoliation will irritate our skin. save your scrubs as a once-weekly treat to shed those damaged cells. And if you have acne it's a Big No No... Don't use scrub on a acne prone area, it will be the biggest mistake you will be making if your does.


This is the most common mistake all of us make. Pimples are very irritating they will make you desperate enough to scratch it and shout uggggh but popping out the scar is Strictly prohibited. If we do so it ups the chance of scars and spreads bacteria.DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO DO THAT, PLEASE DON'T


This is specially for girls,To Use right amount of makeup with right product is helpful but excess use of it will damage your skin. Excess use of makeup will make you look horrible at a first glance and more over it damages your skin from the depth and clog pores and leave your skin unclean at the end.


It is very important to wash off your face before going to bed, Almost all of us made this mistake once But it can ruin your complexion for weeks, makeup clogs your pores, so as to let our skin to feel relaxed and so your skin can able to breathe the air in and out properly it is important to put off the makeup.And don't forget to take off your eye makeup too, leaving it on could cause infection or irritation.


Sleeping is good for our health as well as for our skin. 6 to 8hrs of sleep with not putting stress to your mind is highly recommended if not than the result can be clearly seen on your under-Eye the next day. 'Early to bed and Early to rise' is the best therapy.

To conclude, I had gone through my very bad skin days but knowing these false I could able to progress on to my skin, Even though my acne scars are still visible vaguely but it is way too much better comparing to the older days, I am still working on to it...I hope this post will be helpful for you too in order to protect your skin from becoming worse. stay tune for more upcoming posts

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