Saturday, 5 July 2014


DURJOY DATTA-My All time favourite author


Just when I realise I don't need my bookmark anymore since I reached the 278 page of WHEN ONLY LOVE REMAINS and I still can't believe I completed it over night and it was worth staying up late till 3:30AM just to know how the love story ends up.

I know you might be excited to know how the story is but to tell you, I won't reveal the story here because many book readers ought not to know the story before they read and I dont want to ruin the excitement but I'll tell the gist of the story to stimulate the feel of reading it more!!!

Avanti a girl from Dehradun, flight attendant by profession is a fan of Devrat from Kolkata who is a singer by profession who doesn't even know someone like Avanti ever exist. But with all her efforts she was able to attend Devrat's show in kolkata and among all these audience she was the only one singing along with him with all the lyrics in sync. SHE WAS A TRUE DIE-HARD FAN OF HIM

After the show she was able to communicate with him and the story moves on to a step further, they spent a night together walking, gossiping, eating but nothing really happened.

Eventually they fell in love with each other. It was their first date anniversary and there comes a Big U-TURN in their story...........(suspense)

There comes a page when I thought the story ends and I was not at all satisfied with the way it ends and I was planning to write back to DURJOY DATTA as HAZEL GRACE and AUGUSTUS writes to the author of imperial affliction in FAULT IN OUR STARS and then I saw CHAPTER 33 on the other side and the story goes on further and what happend in chapter33 was totally out of my expectation.

This story is a must read for all those who love reading fiction, even if you don't love reading fiction you will love it after reading this, the story will teach you how to value the love of your family and better halfs

I enjoyed it thoroughly, the book contains LOVE, LAUGH, HAPPINESS, EXCITEMENT, SADNESS, SOBBING and much more

until we meet again sending you all lots of love :)


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