Friday, 4 July 2014


This is how I played around with my nails this evening using Glitter Mania (starry nights-603)


After the wide range of amazing COLOR SHOW nailpaints The maybelline has came out with Glitter mania in eight different colors. The glitter mania gives a 3d effect on the nailpaints which attracts and make your nail a statement.

These eight shades are named as-

-Starry Nights
-Paparazzi Purple
-All That Glitters
-Red Carpet
-Matinee Mauve
-Dazzling Diva
-Pink Champagne
-Bling On The Blue


My finals were going on when I saw Maybellineindia's post on Instagram about the Launching of GLITTER MANIA with some of the popular Bloggers, I fell in love with the glitter mania that very moment when I saw its 3d texture and few popular bloggers like sherry and Rati tehri singh flaunting the glitter mania. As my finals got over I was so excited to get my hands on it and I went and asked some of the drug store but sadly it was yet to be out in market by then...

I finally managed to get Glitter Mania and my first pick from these eight colors was starry nights 603


The reason why I picked up starry nights first is because I want to see how the glitter mania works and how it gives 3d texture because everyone knows black is the best color to experiment because if it's black you'll never go wrong. And TBH it's worth buying, I loved the texture, while applying it looks shiny but once it gets dry it will give you the matte glitter look which looks so real unlike those other glitter nailpaints we used to apply once and Fed up already. I am very much satisfied and will get new shades soon. (you know what, I am outside my house right now updating this post and I can see my nails sparkling so elegantly) :)


It is more expensive comparatively to the COLOR SHOW but comparing it with other glitter nailpaints from other brands is very cheap. It is worth 125/-...


To add up some spice on the starry nights I added up coral craze 211 from the color show... I actually thought of adding up nail stickers too but I realized that in what ever that glitters it's better to keep it simple as it is in order to make it look more elegant.

RATE -5/5

Thanks for reading.. MUCH LOVE

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