Wednesday, 2 July 2014

When Do Girls Regret!!!!!

Without denying the fact that girls' life is more happening than the boys... NO I AM NOT BEING BIAS :) Be it the multi tasking skills that girls have or be it an over-thinking mind that makes her worry on such a small matter that boys don't give a Damn about. So it's all spice up life that girls go on through!!!!

Apart from the relationship related regretting matters I tried to point out few common regrets among girls. I consider the matter of relationship as private matter and I have no right to discuss on it.. Other than this, If you're a girl, you'll surely agree with my following points


We love change, don't we :) Out of 100% girls 99.9% have chopped their hair and regret later. We miss our Long Hair...


*when we are happy-We eat.
*When we are sad-We eat.
*When we are excited-We eat
since we girls are so much concerned about our weight, so after eating disastrous WE REGRET!!


Its the best pastime therapy that most girls do even when we run out of our monthly pocket money. With the limited amount left we tend to eat at the food court and then our WINDOW SHOPPING here by starts..We might not enter every store in the mall but few are always a must go brand store for us :)
After entering these stores and eyeing over few of the favourite stuffs we go back and then WE REGRET WHY THE HELL I WENT because we can't stop thinking over the crop tops and fancy shoe from F21, those leather bags and the comfy shoe from Zara, Boyfriend jeans from mango, and the cheap yet couldn't afford Ginger floral clothing from the Lifestyle store... So until and unless we get those, We keep on regretting.


We go Crazy while shopping specially when the sale season begins :) and We tend to shop as if there's no tomorrow to spend money at. So before month comes to an end our budget becomes tight and then comes a REGRET point WHY DID I SHOPPED SO CRAZY.


As we over-think in all the small invisible matters related with our life and around, it disturbs us indirectly and boost up our mind which result in short tempered that finally brings argument or a catfight with the people around. GIRLS are usually very emotional.After sometime we realise we were just over reacting on a small matter and then again WE REGRET..

Besides having all these regrets in a girls' life we still tend to live our life to the fullest by spreading love where ever we go!!!!!!

live the current moment with no regrets because we can't go back once it's gone

until next post, keep showing me love

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  1. Sometimes we do regret the haircuts, sometimes we don’t. Lots of us do the thing where after a break up we dye our hair darker and then chop it off - it's like "the mourning period cut." ITA about the shopping regrets lol

    1. Yeah true that :)
      Thanks for reading
      Much love

  2. Thanks for reading :) many more post coming up soon
    Much love

  3. I liked your post! I literally grabbed a pair of scissors the other day and just cut my hair on impulse, so this really relates to me right now! & I ALWAYS am impulse shopping esp. at forever 21 lol

  4. Nice post and very true! I can really relate with the shopping and hair cuts!