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I know I know how excited you guys are being out of school as there will be no bells, after class activities, discipline teacher etc but Hey guys to tell you a bitter truth you have got more responsibilities on your shoulder, you are nearer to your dreams, your parent's dreams and it is that time of your life where a one single mistake will ruin your whole career dream or a life in particular so Be more focused on what ever you do and make sure you have a particular aim of doing this current course otherwise its of no use going with the flows as this road shall end soon and you will hang on between.


Keeping things balanced is key to getting the most out of college life. The freedom that comes with going to college is amazing, and no one can blame you for partying hard during the first few weeks. So to begin with my main points:


In most colleges in India we have morning college for only 3-4hrs exceptional to colleges in south India they mostly have a tight schedule but still Judicious use of time is very important. Specially those who have more free time should think on it wisely as a popular saying goes "Time and Tide wait for none"...


Timetable or a daily routine structure are a must have so that you can follow to it and you can able to make sure you don't waste time. But while making or fixing the routine or getting the timetable done you have to make sure if you can follow those, otherwise it's of no use of having a good well written and designed timetable which you can't follow.


I have always wanted to do a part time job since when I was a fresher but then because of not being focussed or being lazy I couldn't and also I have heard my seniors saying it's not possible getting a part time job this and that and so fool I am to have believed them (my fault though), Anyways to be really honest If you can do a part time job that's the best thing not only you will be paid, you'll have experience, you'll meet more New people and the best thing is there will be 100% improvement in your interections. But make sure your part time job is not so heavy and hectic so that you won't be able to complete your assignment on time or miss your classes..I would recommend a Freelance writer!! (i'll do the full post on it later)


Don't miss the golden opportunity of being an intern or volunteering. You'll not only be beneficial with the certificates they provide but also the experience you get out of those events are worth spending your time.This is the most interesting thing college student can do... Why not spend your time for a good purpose that helps poor people, aged, orphanage kids, teach etc. Join with NGOs do something good, I particularly have experience of doing an event with AIESEC DELHI UNIVERSITY and it was the most and the best experience I ever had. I would recommend you guys to join AIESEC in particular as it is a college student runned organisation which has its parts in most of the India and abroad as well and they provide student exchange programme to different countries. So Google it for more and check the recruitment dates. I will paste the link here soon


Likes and Comments are what keeping us all busy these days and it's entertaining, isn't it? But these are what we have been doing from so long so why not start a Fresh blog on what you love doing, Be it a fashion blog, beauty blog, poetry blog, food blog, technology blog, sports blog etc it can be whatever that interest you. Or else you can even run your College's page with the authorisation of the college administration etc.


Most of the student goes to college and come back directly to their respective hostel rooms or home and do nothing, I am regretting for not taking part in any college activities though I performed twice but it's not enough.. as you graduate from college these opportunities as such will come to an end and by the time you will regret as well. So make the most of every college activities


I had a friend who took language classes when we were in college and by the time we graduate together she had an extra certificate of language course which is very beneficial. You can even take Computer course.. There are so many private institutions which are providing these courses


Every colleges have their own library but it's not enough for a college students because in most of our colleges the books are outdated and those new editions are limited and rare so the best way out is to become a membership in UNIVERSITY's library or you can also join state library.


"Comfort zone is beautiful place but nothing ever grows their" This is one of the best motivational line for me, isn't it good? It's very important to get out of your comfort zone and meet New people. One of the most important parts of college life is socialising. While some freshers revel in meeting new people, others can find themselves cut off by nerves and homesickness.However, it’s never too late to make new friends.Don’t be afraid to make converstion with others, whether they are roommates, classmates or even students from other years.You will find it gets easier as time goes on. Each person has a different stories and experience to share and so as your knowledge will grow and also isn't so boring going with the same school friend also in college? Try to indulge with people from different countries and communities you can learn so much from them and even you can teach them your culture and traditions...(GLOBALIZATION)

To conclude,You are no more a school student, the situation for you as of now is NOW OR NEVER so Make the most out of it and stop saying I CAN'T, I WON'T, I DON'T, TOMORROW (our tomorrow never comes).Go grab the opportunities don't think about what people will say if I do this and that.Keep in mind No one is born perfectly and so are you,him or her...until next time Enjoy your college moments and keep things balanced!!

I have some technical problem right now but as I get it right I will post links to some NGO sites and also part time jobs!!

much love


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