Wednesday, 13 August 2014

COSMOPOLITAN INDIA (August Issue)- Highlights + My Favourites

As a New month begins many of you might wait for your monthly salary or if you are a student you might wait for your monthly budget from your family.. But I am of different kind, I keep waiting for cosmopolitan New issue and I hate it how other magazines come out earlier then cosmo, I ring up my fav book store every other day in first week of the month to ask whether the new issue is out or not and I am soon planning to subscribe it directly from the magazine outlet so I'll get it as soon as the prints are done...

I have been consistently reading Cosmo and what I love the most about the magazine is that it contains everything a girl wants to or Needs to know-Be it a cover girl interview, New fashion trend, Beauty products, love advice, Career advice and lots more and it also give opportunity to readers to share its stories,confession and can win goodies if you are lucky 'Yes I won once :)'

So I've finally decided to share with you guys the HIGHLIGHTS of cosmopolitan(India) magazine every month with more focus on what I find more interesting!!


So yes ESHA GUPTA is Cosmo's covergirl this month and she is looking absolutely gorgeous with her Makeup, elegant accessories, Embellished crop top and metallic boy shorts on!!!!


MY #cosmoaugust FAVORITES

1.COSMO INTERVIEW with ESHA GUPTA by Karan Talwar and Varun Thakur

After going through this interview I get to know her more then what we see in Movies.. She is really a pretty girl in and out.. Her mantra "DON'T KILL PEOPLE" was quite different and meaningful.

2.THE DIYs EVERY GIRL Needs to know

I am a DIY junkie, I love doing DIYs because the feeling of 'I DID IT MYSELF' is always good and gives me hell lots of satisfaction. So my eyes got stucked here when I saw DIYS, it was the first section I looked on to and I thoroughly enjoyed this section and yes THIS WAS MY MOST FAV I got to learn new DIYs... All thanks to Cosmo and contributors in particular, let this DIYs spirit keep going :)

3.How To Get Sh*t Done In Life (By the women who Do)

The words from these Working-women were so inspiring... Have a look!!!!

4.CAREER ADVICE - So, You Want to Be An AUTHOR

This section is very effective, focusing on the career prospect of an individual followed by a career advice by Talented professional working women.. I am always excited about this section.

5.7 Clever Ideas for Your Hair

I tried all of these hairdos as I saw this article, and yes they were all elegant and amazing!!!


These emojis are so popular in Whatsapp and it's still is and since the instagram have these emojis too, The EMOJIS went viral.

And with this section we'll get to see how Men decode these emojis and YES This was a cutest yet funniest section!!


Like the issues of every month, #cosmoaugust also featured the street style and the ladies on the street were gorgeous and looks so natural beauty!! This section inspire us to pair up our not so working cloths into the favs because this section shows how styles of individual differs from each other and still tend to look prettiest in its own way...

Though each and every section was interesting but those above were my favorites, it was a tough decision to choose the favourites but I think I managed it finally... I AM EXTREMELY SORRY IF SOME PICTURES ARE NOT CLEAR BECAUSE I TOOK IT FROM MY HANDY and I'll try foe better picture quality in my next post!!


Thanks to #TEAMCOSMO For being able to make your readers feel satisfied with your every issue and it's worth the every penny!!

Until next time


much love


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