Friday, 19 September 2014


Girls without makeup is........................

I don't know what Girls without Makeup is like but we really are so incomplete without it. Be it a stroke of our fav eyeliner, lipstick, mascara or anything alike.

For daily look specially for college students The Minimal Makeup suits best and it is easily wearable within a short period of time.

If you are beginner you should begin with the Minimal makeup and enhance your look because 'If you never try you never know' Once you get to know how to do the basic minimal makeup only then jump on to more professional ways otherwise you will end up making yourself like a scary Doll :)


1: Apply your favorite BB Cream all over your face and blend it nicely with your finger tips (make sure your fingers are clean)

2: Use eye premier to cover your darkcircles around your under eye and upper lids area. Blend it with your finger tips.

3: With a soft Brush apply compact all over your face and neck areas, it will help you create matte look and it controls oil.

4: Draw your eyebrow with eye brow pencil or eyeshadow that suits your haircolor or a shade lighter. Make sure you press the pencil lightly on your brows and protect it from touching the skin of your eyebrow. Once it's done comb it with the eyebrow brush inorder to clear the excess.

5: Using Eye-liner be it Gel/liquid/Pencil draw your upper and lower eyelid. For Beginners Pencil liner works the best.

6: To make your eyes attractive apply Mascara. It will make your eyes look attractive. Use eyelash curler if you really want to but i won't recommend it to Beginners.

7: Apply any lipstick color or your choice... For daily look nude and pretty pink works best. Since Nude lips makes me look weak i substitute it with various orange and pink shades. and when in doubt i simply apply Red lip liner and blend it my fav TBS LIP BALM

8: Do a last touch up with the same compact you used at the begining and look at the mirror now....You are Ready

These are the products that i use

My wide range of Mascaras(I am not crazy)


-If you aren't applying eyeliner just apply hell lot of mascara coat and make your lips shade more vibrant with colors like Dark Red, Pink, Bright Orange etc something very bright.

-If you are going heavy on eye with winged eye, dark upper and lower lids then you can step out with a balm on your lips because your eyes says it all..

-If you are going heavy on both eyes and lips then keep your accessories minimal...

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