Friday, 26 September 2014


My Instagram Followers are familiar with my latest obsessions on Insta because i have been uploading continuosly these days:

For those who are not on Instagram or who is not following me, I am uploading Some of my latest pictures from my instagram account and you will get to see my latest obsessions on IG:

1.BnW BLACK and WHITE gives me that 60's vibes and i like that vintage feeling....

2.ALL WHITE- After going through the explore page of Instagram my love for White background sort of increased badly and made me obsessed because the white background makes my gallery more attractive and clean. So these days whenever i feel like uploading picture on instagram it has to have a white background. If i am shooting indoor i take help of my white desk or else i fix it with vsco app and camera brightness.


3.FLATLAY is my new love The flat layout makes cleaner image on your gallery. Hashtags on #flatlay is going viral these days

Check out some of my own #flatlay images which i've uploaded on INSTAGRAM

These were just a glimpse of my Instagram uploads, For more follow me @doubletapbynima for more updates..

until next time, Get in touch with me on insta...

much love