Sunday, 26 October 2014

How to shop Make-Up at it's best


1.Know the difference between NEEDS and WANTS?
If you listen to your WANTS you will sink!!!

 You Should know what do you need or else you will end up buying a-lot if you follow your want instinct and many of them will remain un-used later. Suppose you have eye liner but you want to buy the same type of eye liner of different brand, in such case there will be a clash of particular product instead if you really wanna try, pin it to your Next buy list and get it once the particular product gets over. In this case you will save your money in a best possible way.
Now since you know what you really need, it's easier for you to shop.


Have some knowledge about the products you want to buy as it will make you easier to choose a product and also if you have extra knowledge to compare different brands for the same range of product that will be better and brings you many options and choices.

Good Internet connection is all you need!!

Type in the product name you want to buy and add review on it and with no doubt there will be many reviews on the same products by various Beauty Bloggers. Read and Relate!!


I am sure there will be infinite questions running on to your veins and brains for the expensive product you will be purchasing. In such situation BEAUTY BLOGGERS are your new Best Friend, Get in touch with them through various Social Media site and share your doubts, I am 99.9% sure that Beauty Bloggers love discussing about makeup products and they will surely find a solution for you with various extra experience. So feel free and ask, It's why we are here for!!

Examine well!!

Now that you have decided which product to buy examine that product by using it yourself from the tester piece from a store counter or feel free to ask your friend if she have that. By doing that it will give you a confidence to buy the product of your choice with no guilt.

6.Shop Online
Shop online!!

Usually Makeup products are expensive and even if it is not there's nothing wrong in getting it in discounted price :) So yes various ONLINE shopping sites like (flipkart, jabong, nykaa) provide discount on many products.
Enjoy the Benefits of womanhood and play around with Makeup, There's nothing wrong in wearing MAKE-UP..
until next time..
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  1. cool tips :) I am not a shopaholic so I ask myself 1000s of questions before buying anything :P

  2. nice...