Tuesday, 4 November 2014

INDIA CIRCUS by Krsna Mehta


Plains are never out of fashion but a touch of Prints on your accessories would change your whole look in a good way, Even if it's a matter of Room Decor a plain colored wall alone would be really boring to face everyday so in order to make it more interesting a touch of printed or colorful household stuffs will make your room more decorative.
 INDIA CIRCUS by Krsna Mehta is an online shopping site from India (Mumbai), which ships 200+ countries bring best prints on various personal accessories like wallets for both Men and Women, iPad Cover, Phone Cover, Document Holder, Umbrella, Stationery, Utility Pouch, Sippers, Bags, Spectacle Case, Watch etc and Even Prints on various Home stuffs like Cushion Cover, Doormat, Fridge Magnet, Wall Art, Rug, Candle Bases and much more can be seen on INDIA CIRCUS site. 

Me and Prints

My love for Prints are infinite specially a printed bag or wallet is a
must. Even with the simple outfit the printed wallet or a clutch makes a statement and overall look more interesting!!

This fall season INDIA CIRCUS has come out with new designs to dazzle. Luxuritate yourself with their latest and greatest inspirations of designs such as our Mughal, jaali and chevron designs, latest mosaic of iconic images and finally traditional warli and buti inspired stunning prints. From their wallet collection INDIA CIRCUS have sent me ELEPHANT BATH WALLET and i am all set to flaunt it this season.


The name of the product defines the prints on the wallet. Elephant Bath wallet  as the name depicts there are elephants bathing in the cool blue river surrounded by pretty pink lotuses and tiny little flowers are plants. ELEPHANT is considered as a universal symbol of strength, loyalty, divinity and goodluck where as th LOTUS is regarded as a symbol of beauty throughout the world. There is so much of positivity in this very purse.


I was so surprised when i got my hands on this pretty wallet not only because of its prints, moreover that the quality of the purse is amazing and appreciable, the material POLYURETHANE makes it durable.


It's a Three Fold Wallet, the multiple pockets of this wallet make it spacious enough to carry all the requisites I Cards, ATM cards and yes Money Money Money :) Even the biggest note of 1000 INR find it's best place inside this wallet without folding.


image credit; Google.com

India Circus ships more than 200 countries and moreover, It reaches very fast without any damage cause to the product. The product has been nicely packed and sealed. I got it in 3 days after the mail from the company though MUMBAI-DEHRADUN is far, yes far!!

Visit the website for more qualitative products like this and trust me they are worth ordering!!


Yay :)


Thus, If you love prints and you want something unique with good quality INDIA CIRCUS is perfect site for you to shop and it is also the best gift for your loved ones and show them how much you care by gifting the productive yet affordable stuffs from the very site.
visit the link here: INDIA CIRCUS


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