Saturday, 4 October 2014


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I am so glad and honored to be nominated for LIEBSTER AWARD. 
Thanks Be Like a Lady all credits to you!! 
I have never thought blogging would be so much fun though hectic and also i am enjoying the company of many other blogger friends who are equally social media enthusiast like me and sharing so much things in common makes this platform more fun and exciting.. 
As other blogging Awards we are supposed to announce the eleven bloggers who are chosen by us to expand this chain sorry i have less. In addition answering the questions:

I was asked:
Do you prefer casual outfit or Fancy one?
Coffee or tea?
Why did you start your blog?
Because i want to share whatever i know about beauty products, skin care, fashion etc and also to expand my limited knowledge about the same
What is your future plan for your blog?
Next year i will be buying my own domain name
Your three inspirational icons? Bloggers? Doctors? Parents? say three people?
1.My family- for always supporting me.
2. Scherezade Shroff for fun or motivating videos she makes which inspired me to start my own blog.
3.Miss Malini a women to look up to specifically when it comes to blogging.
Samsung or iphone?
Though i am using sony Xperia if given a choice i would say iphone
Your all time favorite music track?
Those Sweet Words by Norah Jones
what is the main part of your makeup to work on?
three favorite makeup brands?
Maybelline, elf and Revlon
Three clothing brands?
Zara, forever21 and VeroModa
your favorite place for shopping?
Pacific Mall (Delhi)

The nominated blogs are:

The questions are:
lipstick or balm?
who is your favorite blogger?
who is your favorite vlogger?
life without internet would be?
Delhi or Mumbai?
Mall shopping or Street shopping?
what inspired you to start blogging?
favorite makeup brand?
celebrity crush?
How do you find me and my blog?


  1. thanks for the tag babe :) Shall do mine soon

  2. Hey!! Thank you for nominating me Nima. Will do it very soon. :) Congratulations on being nominated for Leibster Award.

    Debasree // All She Needs

  3. let me know when you are done,, i would love to see it