Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review: L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Faux Cils


I was never a MASCARA girl until i realized that eyelash plays the most important part in turning a girl into lady and make her look pretty and elegant..
It was during my Print Shoot with Images Bazaar, The MUA was nicely doing makeup on my face and suddenly she went crazy when she found out that my EYELASHES are way too short and invisible... since it was a corporate shoot she didn't use liner instead she kept the eye plain with double coat of MASCARA before that i don't step out without applying eye liner and the very next moment i did whole shoot with only mascara on my eyes NO LINER... But the moment i saw myself on mirror i went WOW crazy because my eyes were looking more fresh and attractive and since then I have been applying mascara continuously with or without liner.


I have been using this Mascara for more than a month now and i am liking it so much. This is the first ever mascara that helps my invisible eyelash look fuller and gave me confidence to walk out with just a coat of mascara without relying much on Liner.
This mascara is said to be a fiber voluminizing mascara, the lash sculpting fiber formula adheres to lashes for a volumized, sculpted lash effects. Lash appears fuller, longer, sculpted and curled at all angle. My lashes have found their new Best Friend :)


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Yes, the look of the product attracts me to try out new things now and then and its obvious i choose those with lovely packaging and this mascara is one of a kind. ( I AM SUCKER FOR NICE PACKAGING). It's body is Geometrical shaped covered in golden color which has minimal words written on it.


It's brush is very short compared to other mascara brushes but the good thing about this brush is that it is easily applicable.The brush itself is slightly bent and it covers the entire lash line, it is convenient to use it on the lower lash line as well.


If you like wet formulations i wouldn't suggest you this mascara because this mascara is dry and thick even from a very first day. I prefer dry formulation, this mascara is dry to begin with and dries quickly too. Double coating is more than enough to get the look excess of which you will end up looking like a doll with heavy eye.


                                SEE THE TRANSFORMATION!!!

Without applying L'oreal voluminous False Lashes Faux Cils

Applied the L'oreal Voluminous False Lashes Faux Cils

and this is how it looks like with the L'Oreal voluminous Mascara on.


-Attractive Packaging.
-Dry Formula.

-Short Brush.
-Voluminizes the lashes very nicely.
-Comfortable on my eye.


-Hardly available in normal drugstore in INDIA.

-Applicator or the wand is very long and can be difficult to work with at first.
-Not layer-able.


                          HAVE YOU TRIED THIS PRODUCT? LET ME KNOW :)

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  1. such dramatic effect. try maybelline falsies too as it comes in a budget :)