Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hair Care Tips for Fall-Winter Season.

That time of the year has come when some of you'll wish for a longer hair, some of you'll wish if you haven't had gone shorter this summer and some of you'll step back from going for shorter hair, All in All major missing of your long hair happens this season because in this chilled weather all you want is a warm hug and long hair...

If you haven't felt any of the above mentioned you can still read this post, I am sure these tips will help us all no matter the length of hair...

1. Oiling : Oiling is good for all seasons but specially in fall and winter if you can warm it up a little bit and apply it on the roots and ends of the hair you'll see major changes. Your hair will be stronger from roots, softer texture and it will help your scalp from drying thus prevent from Dandruff.

2. Use Normal Water : I know its super cold in winter but do not make mistake of using hot water while washing your hair. The heat will extract your moisture and gives an dry and rough effect afterwards, instead use normal or lukewarm water.

3.Wrap it up : After washing your hair wrap it with a steam towel and let the towel suck in all water. Let it dry naturally and avoid using dryer.

4. Cut down the ends : In this season we tend to keep the hair length longer but to prevent it from split and rough hair ends after every week or two cut the ends if required because it will give your hair fresher look and also its easier for you to comb if you have long hair.

5. Hair Serum : We all have experience that bad day with hair when you went out and your hair kept flying around,  time and again you had to fix it, It is because your hair is drying out and if you use hair serum right after washing your hair it won't happen.

These are the baby steps to healthy hair specially for Fall and winter season. It might take sometime but it will definitely show an impact. Other than these tips healthy eating and happy soul will always make you feel better and prettier inside and out..

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