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Skin benefits of Aloe Vera gel and ways to use it..

Aloe Vera gel can be used by both men and women and are suitable for all skin types.
Fresh Aloe gel is way more effective than market based products which they claim their product contains pure aloe gel but the later is chemical blended and processed product and there's a chance of it being too harsh for skin. So always try to get fresh aloe gel that one can directly get from the Aloe Vera plant.

Skin Benefits of Aloe vera gel and how to use :

1. Instant Glow
By applying fresh aloe vera gel in your face, you can see instant glow and well moisturised and flawless skin.
Use it half and hour before you head out of the house. Apply sunscreen after applying gel to avoid the tightness of your skin.

2. Night Cream
Our skin get exposed to sunlight and dirt through out the day, the pores in our skin suck in all the dirts and if not properly cleansed it will lead to acne break outs.
Before going to bed wash your face and pat dry. Apply thin texture of fresh aloe gel all over the face and neck area and leave it over night. When you wake up your skin will feel soft, moisturized and the pores are all tightened so there is less chances of dirt being sucked in next time.
Best results can be seen when used daily.

3. Face Mask
Aloe Vera can be used as face mask as well.. Blending the Aloe Gel with your favourite Face oil or Rose water or even face pack powder can be very effective for skin. Apply it thickly textured and leave it for 20-30 mins. It will helps keep your skin hydrated thus less chances of wrinkle and fine lines.

4. Healing effect
Aloe Vera can help reduce the need for inflammation, it's natural anti inflammatory benefits reduce redness and swelling. It can be used during minor skin burns, sun burns and even on cuts and wounds.
Before applying the Aloe gel make sure the surface are well cleansed.

5. Before/ After shaving
When used before shaving it will prevent your skin from drying and makes your skin feel soft so that razor blade easily be easily glide on to your skin and takes off the hair as close to root as possible. When used after shaving it will leave your skin well moisturised and prevents itchiness and also the hair grown afterwards are softer and not poky.
Shaving sometime will impact to small cuts so Aloe will heal those cuts as well..


1. Cut one leave of the plant and make it into pieces like so:

2. Cut the breadth of the plant into two pieces.Don't cut it the other way as the thorn on the leave might poke in between.

3. Extract the gel using a table knife or spoon and gently apply it with your fingers in a circular motion. Please make sure your hands are clean before you apply.

These are the best ways one can use Aloe Vera for healthier and hydrating glowing skin.

Planted this aloe today... 
What are you waiting for, Plant one at home today like i did :)

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