Sunday, 22 June 2014


I am one of the INSTAGRAMa.k.aIG addict, IG is a photography turned into instant art and it is addictive, really addictive :) It's my third year with IG and I am still looking forward to it all the way, Whenever you see me touching my phone, it is 99.9% sure that I am doing something with the instagram app, To be really honest it is the first social networking site that has a 'wow factors' thus I prove it with the following reasons to love instagram.

1.Instagram as a form of gratitudeCapturing all the moments, Be it a good day, good friend, Delicious food ofcourse, beautiful scenery, or sometime an emotion- be it happy face or a sad one....It’s a visual acknowledgement of something we appreciate and are grateful for. We take a photo with the intention of sharing how good this is making me feel or so as to share the story of the moment you are living right now happy/sad..... It's a gallery form to say Thank you God for all these memories :)

2.Best quality pictureInstagram does a magic to everyone's gallery, IG camera makes everyone looks like a real photographer, it's camera texture are so real and far more better than the phone's actual camera picture.

3.Choice of filters as mentioned earlier the IG camera captures picture so real and nice But adding up some of its filter features take the post to the next level. The basic filter IG have are Brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadow, vignette, tilt shift, Lux and various colors can be added, most popular among them are Valencia..I mostly keeps the normal color but sharpen it up a bit and brighten up :) I often use IG for editing pics even if it's not for the IG post purpose.

4.Basic features

The “Follow" feature allows me to follow users whose photography I like, my friends obviously and these past few months I have been following lots of bloggers..This is a great way to find inspiration and interact with new people.

"Privacy" it is user's wish whether you want to keep your IG profile privately or publicly. I tend to keep it in private mode usually but when I take part in some giveaway than I keep it in public mode for few days, the benefit of keeping it publicly is that anyone can see your post and like it, if it's private only your followers can see the post you uploaded not everyone can but believe me keeping it in private mode are always safe and keeps you away from the craps.

"Hashtags" This year the hashtags went so viral, the benefit of hashtag is that through the hashtag people can see your post even though the person is completely a stranger but the profile has to be public in order to make your hashtags work otherwise it's of no use... If you want more followers hashtags are the best ways... Some of the most famous hashtags are #followme #instadaily #igaddict #ootd etc...

"size of picture" the size of the IG picture is exact size used for the fb, Google+, whatsapp and many more's profile picture, you don't have to crop it further..

5.Multi-uploads when you upload a picture on IG, the same post can be shared on Facebook,Flickr,Tumblr via Instagram at the same time.

6.Online shopping These days it's all online shopping we are looking on to, Be it a clothing,book,electronic gadgets, cosmetics etc... In instagram there are many famous online shopping, some of which I am following are clothing-(Zahana chennai, princess closet), jewellery-(complete accessories), and others like (propshop, buy oriflame)etc

7.New Friends I am blessed with many good friends and few of them are whom I met on Instagram, it is the most easiest way to stay connected with friends sharing them all the activities of what you are doing now and then, I am still looking forward to make new friends :) this app shrinks the world, with users spread all over the world the IG post comes from all over the world and we get to see cultures, traditions,environment etc of different countries

in addition to the above features, it is much more safer than the other social networking sites as it don't have a download option, though it can be screenshot but it can't have the original post of yours

So I am still looking forward to follow many New creative users, you can be one of them.. Search me at- doubletapbynima


Much love Shelifestyle

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